"I created Profit Acceleration Software™ so you can find any business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them needing to spend an extra dollar on marketing or advertising."- Karl Bryan


Good on you for deciding on our guidance to ensure you start making the income you deserve! You may or may not know me but I am well known in the profitable small business circles. I am incredibly proficient at engineering new profit centres, income streams, overlooked opportunities, underperforming activities and strategic alliances for small businesses of many shapes and sizes.

I get asked on a daily, sometimes hourly, for ‘business building tips’ that are practical, inexpensive and time-tested in the real world for small businesses just like yours. For this reason, I have created a FREE MARKETING COURSE that outlines what you would hope I share with you after real-world experience and building and selling successful businesses with my own credit card.

You may not know me but my name is well known in business circles. I am reasonably proficient at engineering new profit centres, income streams, overlooked opportunities, under performing activities and strategic alliances for small businesses.

Nothing happens by accident and you have ended up on my website for a reason. I am therefore providing you with a FREE Marketing Course that I know will improve your bottom line and start making you more money immediately.

Some people say my course (and subsequent strategies – you can have it for FREE by Enrolling NOW!) has changed the way business is done and effectively revolutionized the way they now operate. Of course, I have my critics and skeptics. But fortunately, I’ve learned that the truth comes in three phases:

First, it is ridiculed

Next, it is opposed

Finally, it is accepted, praised, widely used and believed as “obvious”.

So, when you’re in the business of serving up the truth you get to deal with truth and all its phases. And, that’s exactly what I do. I reveal the truth about what the large corporate companies and those dominating your industry work hard to keep you from knowing. Why they do not want you to know the truth about what their ‘REAL GAME’ is.

I reveal the truth about how to make a lot of money in your business and how to make it fast!

That’s right – truth. NO matter how blunt, frustrating or painful. I’m a straight shooter. So, get ready for the moment of truth

Kick back, grab a coffee, tea, donut and whatever your heart desires and keep reading. Even if you are not much of a reader, make this one exception. Reading this information in its entirety and following the course as it comes can be the most profitable and important thing you do all week, month, maybe this year. You will then want to enroll immediately to ensure you get a copy of my FREE Marketing Course.

Besides, you owe it to yourself to find out what all the fuss is about……

If you know in your heart that you should be making more money, I’ve got the proven, very different marketing secrets that will have you swinging for the fences – almost overnight.

So what is this all about?

Who am I to make such bold, audacious claims? My name is Karl Bryan and I am one of the luckiest people alive. I get paid to learn, pick the minds of and immerse myself in some of the most amazing and diverse business fields and niches available.

I get to counsel in person, by conference call and guest-speak in live events to thousands of the most stimulating, open-minded cutting-edge entrepreneurs in the country about our unique marketing systems, concepts and profit generating initiatives. Many of our initiatives have gone on to make more money, for more companies than you or I could possibly count – they have been used and requested across North America and all the way to Australia!  Our marketing initiatives either have massive provision to assist your company growth… or, quite frankly, we do not invite you to try them.

And, just what are the discoveries that have transformed so many lives of business owners? What are these secrets that have caused so much hype and controversy in the small business world?

Let me outline a few of the relatively simple ones:

Secret #1: Understand there are three ways ONLY to grow your business!

Most business owners make the mistake of complicating business more than it needs to be – business is easy… it is people that are difficult and complicated. Three ways for Ford, Coke, Microsoft, and YOU.

The three ways are:

  • Increase Database (bums on seats, people through the door, people to listen to your product/service offering)

  • Increase the unit of sale (Do you want fries with that? This is packaging, bundling, raising your prices etc…)

  • Increase the frequency at which people buy (Regular specials [not slashing prices!] Mothers day, Fathers Day, Christmas in July etc…)

A Case Study:

Mike was earning $40K per year and had a business in the Health and Wellness Industry (simply an example and your business/industry and can easily be used). He, like almost all businesses, operated the same as his competition plus or minus 10%.

After ordering my FREE Marketing Course  the following took place immediately:

  • He developed a ‘loss leader’. Powerfully worded ad ($150) promoting a ‘Stress Test’ as part of a ‘Daring Marketing Experiment’ (Increase database)

  • He formed joint venture with local gym, naturopath, chiropractor, physiotherapist, organic health and vegetable shop, massage therapist, tanning/hair salon and health shop. All new clients of their business received a free $100.00 voucher to trial/utilize his services with the purchase as a ‘value add’ (Increase database)

  • Hired a receptionist (she answered all the calls for large studio and arranged appointments for one of 25 practitioners) a $25 Starbucks card each Monday morning as a thank you for sending clients and her hard work (Increase database)

  • Implemented a formalized referral program (all done by letter) so he did not have to ‘ask’ anyone for referral (Increase database)

  • Developed an up-selling strategy – essentially asked ‘Do you want lotion with that?’ 27% of the people said ‘yes’ (Increase the unit of sale)

  • He created a ‘widget/package’ of services (6 months all inclusive) and charged $3,000.00 while the competition was charging (and he did prior to the FREE Marketing Course) $40/hour (Increase unit of sale)

  • He recommended clients join the local gym, introduced them to owner and got a kick back for 12 month membership sale (Cross selling – increase frequency at which people buy. He ultimately developed three strong cross-selling relationships that worked profitably. He tested services before recommending anyone and also asked for regular feedback from his clients)

  • Brought in quarterly experts to speak regularly as part of the program. These speakers all had back-end products of which he received a commission (Increase the frequency)

  • Plus more… but I am sure you see where he went with the info we supplied him

What happened to his income – a whopping 350% increase in 60 days!! – might not happen to yours, by following the FREE Marketing Course. But what if something less dramatic happens. Like DOUBLING, a 100% increase. Or increasing by half.

What would you do with a 50% jump in income next month?

Pay off a drawer of bills and sleep better at night? Get some new equipment? Lease a new car/truck? Take a vacation? Buy something nice for your long-suffering spouse? I’m sure you can find something to do with the extra money…

But there is something even more important than the money…

LIFESTYLE! Mike excitedly told me that the bank statements told the income story, but NOT the “bigger story.” He told me about being excited about getting to work in the morning. About looking forward to the new customer calls. About feeling respected and appreciated as a professional. About his new enthusiasm for “marketing” – something he always viewed only as a necessary evil before. About his expansion plans. About his new “discipline” of taking a Monday off every week, to “goof off” with his wife – go to lunch, see a movie, shop, whatever. He told me that reading the FREE Marketing Course was like divine intervention for his business career.

The FREE Marketing Course outlines a proprietary system that gets those kinds of results which change the way businesses operate. Not radical changes that are ‘creative’ or ‘strange’ or ‘weird’. The process is VERY systematic and it will work for your business. It outlines selling scripts, follow-up correspondence, spreadsheets, email templates, persuasive ways to overcome objections, powerful headlines and much much more.

Take Advantage of This Opportunity Now with my FREE MARKETING COURSE FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS

Secret #2: Exploding The Myth – Being Good Is NOT Good Enough!

You know you are good at what you do. By doing something all day every day by sheer attrition you become ‘good at it’. You deserve to be making a lot of money… if technical expertise, quality workmanship and attention to detail were all you needed to get the business, you’d be rich.

Don’t fall for the old cliché ‘Become great at what you do and people will beat a path to your door’. Yeah, Please! In today’s competitive, hectic world, nobody’s beating a path to anybody’s door – The person who makes the best chicken broth in your city… makes it for his family! Why? He mistakenly never went into the game of ‘sales and marketing’. And in every industry, including yours, some of ‘the best’ most knowledgeable, most technically skilled people ARE STARVING TO DEATH. Here’s why:

Even The Best ‘Technician’ In The World Will Struggle And Suffer, Even Go Broke Without ASteady Flow Of New, Good Customers.

Like it or not, making over $150,000.00 a year in your own company is NOT about how much you know about your industry – It’s all about how much you know about marketing.

I know this shouldn’t be true BUT it is. You can get annoyed by it, fight it or profit from it. If and when you make this giant, mental paradigm shift, you’ll instantly gain an enormous competitive edge over everybody else you compete against.

What is as common as dirt in one industry… is like an atomic bomb in yours.

One mistake you cannot allow yourself to make… is to assume ‘because I am not making any money in my industry then there is no money to be made in my industry’. There is always more money in ‘marketing your lawn mowing services’ (insert dental practice/plumber/dog grooming/mortgage broker/real estate/your industry) then there will ever be in ‘mowing lawns’!

Hire an Ad Agency? One of the Biggest Mistakes Of My Life!

I once hired an ad agency to try to ramp our business. Thought this would be the beginning of a good thing provided I was willing to invest enough in them and in the ads themselves. I fell for the line “if you run it again this time people will respond”. The theory behind that is that people need to see ads more than once before they will respond to you. Although there is a small degree of truth in that… the reality is if an ad loses money the first time, it is not going to remarkably make money the second and third time. The big companies fall into this to build ‘name recognition’. I have never eaten ‘recognition’… you?

Your business needs a ‘RESPONSE’… not recognition. The course will show you how to instantly double the response of your marketing.

The Brutal Truth about Marketing!

I eat, sleep and live marketing. So I decided to find out the TRUTH about it.

The truth is there are three ways to go about marketing your business. The first way is what many do… that is NOTHING and hope that you survive and never operate ‘strategically’.  The second way is to go the way of the masses and – unless you have very deep pockets – it will send you broke. The third way isn’t so easy (I have changed that and outline it in my FREE Marketing Course you will call for!), hardly anyone does it, but when you discover how to do it – it means lots and lots of success, paid time off and money in the bank!!

What am I talking about? Well, the first way is analysis paralysis and where many small business owners live. Not sure what to do… consider a million options… do none of them… then get surprised when it becomes difficult to pay the bills. The second is called ‘branding’. Turn on the TV, open the Yellow pages, flip through a magazine. See all those ‘pretty’ ads?  That’s image advertising. An ad that is designed to give a ‘warm’, ‘fuzzy’ feeling about the company or project a super professional image. Unless you are McDonalds or Coke… presumably, you are not… it will cost you money and not garner a result. Is there an alternative?

Fortunately Yes! This is the third way I referred to – it’s called ‘Direct Results Marketing’. You’ve probably heard of it before but maybe you associate it with mail order or obnoxious multi-level marketing. But, Direct Results marketing is simply (as its name implies) a method of marketing that gets you a RESULT!

Think about this: if you decided to hire an outside salesman for your company would you tell him to dress up pretty, stand in front of a potential client and only allow him to say 6 words to every prospect? Or, would you want him to tell the prospect everything he could about your services and how they would benefit that prospect, and then close the sale so that the prospect buys? Well your advertising and marketing is essentially ‘salesmanship in print’, (or salesmanship multiplied), and Direct Results Marketing turns all your marketing into salespeople for your company – and the result is people don’t ignore your marketing (your hard earned money!) – they respond.

When a company finally realizes that branding is not the game they are in… they are in the business of attracting prospects and then ‘closing’ them… it will totally change your business, your finances, your life!

You FREE Marketing Course will outline this process and these principles and show you how to develop a strategy that ensures you attract new customers and repeat business. And it is a lot easier than you think.

The FREE Marketing Course will outline how you can SYSTEMIZE these unusual marketing methods, so worrying about where your next dollar/client will be coming from will be a thing of the past. You will know where and when they will be coming. Your steady new flow of customers will be as predictable as sand in your toes on the beach.

Take Advantage of This Opportunity Now with my FREE MARKETING COURSE FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS

Secret #3 You Must Learn How To Use “Alternative” and “Concurrent” Strategies, Escape The Rat Race, Create A Steady Flow Of New Customers, And Can Ultimately Develop A Business (Instead of Just “Chasing jobs!”)

There is always more money in ‘marketing’ your services/products than there will ever be in ‘completion’ of them.

Sounds like a tough ask and a difficult undertaking. I promise… you can make the switch. I have in my business and I do not have a super IQ… I am not smarter than you… I did not start with a massive bankroll (quite the contrary!!). It is simply a paradigm shift… and one that you can handle and the FREE Marketing Course will outline in depth.

Just a few of the ways you should be marketing yourself and your business.

Joint Ventures – Officially the MOST PROFITABLE marketing initiative on the planet! The FREE Marketing Course will explain why you are costing yourself tens of thousands of dollars in profits by not knowing how this works and why it is so incredibly powerful/profitable when done properly.

Formalized Referral Program – If ‘Word of Mouth’ is one of the prime drivers for your company… and you do not have this process ‘formalized’ or developed as an easy to use ‘system’ you are making a mistake.  I can show how to double your referrals immediately!

Outsourced Sales People – Salespeople do not have to (should not!?) be on your payroll. There are people who have spent thousands of dollars developing relationships and sitting with the clients in your industry that you should be/would like to be dealing with every day. Outsourced commissioned salespeople are highly profitable and effective when used correctly.

Educate Your Prospects – It is official that educated people buy more… if you feel like you are competing on ‘price’ all the time… you MUST talk to me about this so I can show you how to not only ‘stop it’… but how to profit from it!

Sales Process – If you have never recorded yourself whilst in the process of ‘selling’ and ultimately ‘closing someone’… you are ‘amateur hour on parade’ and costing yourself a lot of time and money. Saying the same thing… two different ways… will garner a completely different result!  If you would like to improve your sales ratios… improve your ‘opening’ (rapport building) vs your ‘close’ and watch your bank balance (time off) grow.  In a nutshell… people buy off people they like. Compliment and relate.

Packages – You must develop a ‘package’ for your company and effectively sell a ‘widget’ as opposed to ‘apples for apples’. Example: You buy a car… they add a pinstripe, turbo, and loud stereo – call it the ‘Sports Model’ and charge you $5,000.00 for $1,000 of parts. If you roll up in a suit they will offer tinted windows, exe Model’ extended cab, leather seats, and cruise control – call it the ‘Executive Model’ and charge you $7,500.00 for the $1,500 of extra goodies. Personal trainer goes from selling $50 per hour sessions to a 6-month package with diet, extra exercise regime, diet, stretching routine, ‘How to Lose 50 pounds in 50 days’ DVD and breathing exercises for $3,000.00. A Million examples, but what I am trying to impress upon you is that if you are packing and bundling your (and others!) services you are missing out on enormous windfall profits we can find for and on your behalf.

Time vs Money – If you trade ‘time for money’ in your company… your earning potential is massively limited!  Notwithstanding this means that you are selling the same thing as the competition and subsequently inviting your prospects to shop on ‘price’. You need to develop something ‘soft’ with something ‘hard’ and vice versa. Example: You sell chainsaws (hard/tangible)… you couple this with an up-sell for an extended warranty (soft). You sell swimming pools (hard) you must develop a maintenance program (soft). You sell Oil and Gas Machinery – we can show you how to double profits and have your salesperson be welcomed to the clients’ businesses like a rock-star – via a cleverly designed quarterly maintenance.

Publicity – This is like advertising on steroids!  There are all sorts of ways to create publicity for yourself and most importantly position you as an ‘expert’ in the interest of increased profits. We can show you how to have your own radio show starting tonight.

Interview vs Sell – We had a sales trainer looking to start a sales training company.  The first thing we asked was ‘what is your game plan to enter the marketplace?’ His roadmap looked something like completing his book (half complete) and using that as leverage to get in the doors of CEO’s. We simply changed his game plan to ‘interview’ the CEO’s for the book. The roadmap also included contacting the CEO within the same week (where possible) to have them elaborate on one of the most important parts of the interview (this was the build more rapport – see sales process above). The book took two years to complete for the simple reason the CEO’s bought after the interview as a test runs for him. Try ‘Interview’ (radio show?) rather than ‘sell’ your clients and see what results follow.

Cold Calling – You will have a hard time convincing me cold calling is something you should do (I run a 2 hour speaking session called ‘Never Cold Call Again!’)… however, some people seem to be fixated on it.  If you are going to do it…. let me show you how to improve cold calling conversions by as much as 2000%!

Networking – Your network is your net-worth! When you attend a networking function you should always have something to ‘give-away’… a report, lunch and learn, Starbucks vouchers, entry into a draw, free consultation (follow your FREE Marketing Course prior to implementing this!) etc… The rule of reciprocity is VERY powerful and when you give people something of value they will reciprocate.

Website – It’s intimidating, inhibiting, frustrating, and perplexing to many. Exhilarating, stimulating and enriching to me. One thing is certain… the advent of the internet has forever changed the way business is conducted in almost every industry. Use the internet to ‘give away’ (reports, e-books, newsletters, audio downloads, print off discount vouchers etc…) opposed to ‘sell’ and your results will most likely multiply in numbers with multiple zeros on the end. Many ways to leverage the internet and we can show you how.

Contact Strategy – If you are not in contact with your clients every 30 days… they are not your clients. This should be done with a basic strategy in mind and education as the key. Do you not want to contact your prospective customers regularly for fear of ‘annoying’ them? Well… you can concentrate on the one that gets annoyed and had a fight with his wife in the morning… or you can concentrate on those that enjoy what you send through and develop into your best and most profitable clients and become friends for life. Which do you reckon we recommend? The NHL is full of team lists with guys with him towns where many were bigger, stronger, faster, better and yet they were not the ones that made it. Persistence is a measure of one’s self esteem… and more often than not… success. 93% of ‘no’s do not get followed up on in the business world.

Partner with Associations/Non-profits/Schools – These people have enormous lists and normally enormous resources – far beyond what you will ever have (staff, phones, offices, relationships, contacts and more). All sorts of options to leverage off.

Closing Techniques – 63% of sales situations do not end in an offer for the ‘order’.  Scary and unacceptable. Once it does come time to ‘close’ you should have a ‘subordinate question’ ready to use. A subordinate question when answered in the ‘positive’ means ‘Sign me up/I am sold/Here is my money’… when it is answered in the negative it simply is a request for more information. Learn this technique… do not pass go… go straight to the bank! I can show you how.

We will also outline the power of seminars, workshops, broadcast promotion, advertising, affiliate programs, magazines, billboards, on store signage, good neighbor program, how to outsources door to door and telemarketing with no out of pocket expense, endorsed mailings, host beneficiary relationships, reports, 1-800, on hold messages newsletters, commissioned sales people with no wages, utilizing media, trade show results on steroids and too many more to mention.

Take Advantage of This Opportunity Now with my FREE MARKETING COURSE FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS

In the FREE Marketing Course, we will also provide…

  • A 35 point Diagnostic check on your business

  • Talk about word of mouth promotion

  • Direct mail

  • Sales letters

  • Outline the most powerful number/calculation in your business that 95% of business owners do not know about

  • Leveraging and doubling the effectiveness of trade shows

  • Public speaking as a powerful lead generator

  • Developing a strategy around events (marriages, births, deaths, moving, expansion, start of business, birthday with a 0 on the end etc…)

  • Develop questionnaires around ‘dissatisfaction’ so people give you an answer (not a maybe) ensure you will not ‘maybe’ yourself out of business

  • Show why databases will make you rich and products and services will not

  • The power and profitability of ‘risk reversal’

  • The importance of ‘test – measure – decide’

  • And provided you open your mind, a plethora of other ideas and opportunities outlined.

…And that’s Only a Small Sampling of My Strategies!

Any One Of These Could Add Thousands To Your Yearly Income.

But All Of Them Can Have You Hanging From the Chandelier!

If you could get only one or two of these working for you, you’d be making a lot of money. Of course, all of these strategies work like gang busters. And, integrated into a SYSTEM, they are unbelievably powerful – producing increases of 30%, 50%, 100% and more in just 60 – 90 days’ time – You Will Be Swinging For The Fences!

We have taken companies from FAILURE to FRANCHISE in less than 12 months!

And the best part is – you can “steal” all my stuff. This is NOT a load of theoretical textbook mumbo jumbo. This is comprehensive ‘real world’ proven strategies, letters, SYSTEMS, programs ready for you to swipe and put to work for you in your business from day one!


Take Advantage of This Opportunity Now with my FREE MARKETING COURSE FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS

"Eliminate the time between the idea and the act...
and your dreams will become your reality."