Day 173: Successful Cold Outreach  Yesterday I was explaining how to effectively structure your profit sharing/contingency agreements. Most coaches make a monster error when setting up a contingency with their new coaching client. I had a rough day yesterday…. Partly due to being quarantined by my own government and partly due to a woman who I told that I spent HOURS on these posts and trying to make them clever. I write everything you read and not a word in 173 daily posts has been outsourced. She goes on to tell me that she gets ‘annoyed by the attempts at humor’. I told my Dad and here’s what he said: ‘Ya, she’s the type of person that would Boo the kids at the Easter Egg Hunt that didn’t find any Eggs.’ HAHAHA Anyhoo… Your ONE COACHING THING Today Is: “Successfully Making Cold Outreach Work For You” The mistake coaches and their high-end clients make when doing cold outreach is that they don’t have a plan. The call should be the follow up to your other modes of communication… then it's not really a cold call, it’s a call to see if they received your message.   Here It Is In A 1 Thru 8 Sequences Make a list of 100 IDEAL clients (do the research required for below) Send them a letter Send them an email ‘did you get the letter’ Send them a FB message ‘did you get the letter’ Send them a LI message ‘did you get the letter’ Send them a text ‘did you get the letter’ CALL THEM (relaxed but commanding approach ‘Calling to make sure you got my letter’) When they don’t answer (they likely won’t) have a KILLER voice mail script you or your staff member places to see if they got the letter If you want to get aggressive… circle back. Letter to ask if they got your voice mail about the letter Email to ask if they got the voice mail about the letter FB message to ask if they got the voice mail about the letter LI message to ask if they got the voice mail about the letter Text message to ask if they got the voice mail about the letter At this stage, they’ll either take a restraining order out against you or read your letter LOL. Imagine if that letter was telling them “You’ll find them $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising… and you have software to back it up” The goal is curiosity in all of the above. Other things to consider. Your correspondence needs a compelling message (see above) and whatever you do… don’t say the word “coach” in any of your correspondence. Too difficult to explain here but just trust me on this one. Start on a small scale and TEST and modify the above approach as you move along. If you plan to hire someone, you’ll need a high enough price point for everyone to get paid. Consider 1/3 for the product, 1/3 for the salesperson, and 1/3 for the business owner. With a proper business model, you can give 100% of the upfront profit away and make your money on the back end. Example: Pay a telemarketer to reach out and sell a ‘hard copy program’ on “Secrets that the experts don’t want you to know that’ll help your business and marketing thrive post-pandemic. Bonus Video: How to Find New Clients and Earn $100,000 per year with a Painting (Enter niche) Company in THEIR CITY” The video costs you $100 to produce, package and mail. Your salesperson sells it for $297. Your salesperson gets $197 (all the profit from the upfront sale). With ten sales per week your salesperson makes $1,970 and $102,440 per annum. Not bad for a home-based salesperson even if they do half that well. Hint: make the calls yourself. When the prospect buys your program…  a 30 minute Q and A session with you is included in the package and a major selling feature. 2 in 10 of the programs sold… end up buying your $497 per month mastermind from you ($5,964.00 per annum) The 2 new members per week that buy…. your business model has you on pace to earn $11,928 Monday to Friday. That’s a whopping $620,256 annual coaching income. Let’s assume you do half that well… it’s $5,964.00 per week and approx. $310,128.00 per annum. And lets half that again to be ultra-conservative… $155,064.00. Not bad. But I bet you won’t do it. What if I have already created a similar process to the above for you? You heard it here first. Obsessed with your business coaching success, Karl Bryan aka King Karl PS. If you save and then invest $100… look at as if you’re buying one day that you’ll no longer need to work.   PPS. If you’re looking for a proven system to follow for your coaching…. I created business coaching software and high-end step by step training to support it… It’ll teach you ‘How to find any small business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising.’ Imagine finding your annual $12,000 to $50,000 coaching fees BEFORE you started coaching your new clients?!  And a proven coaching system created for you to follow with your new coaching client.  Reply to this post if you want to start following a proven coaching system. PPPS. Forward this to someone that needs to subscribe to my daily emails and get a limited time, complimentary subscription to my business coaching magazine go here: PPPPS. They tell me my Podcast is Ric Flair style, Money Makin, Client Getten, Joint Venture Landing, Event Fillin', High-End Coaching Client Findin' Gold For Business Coaches. Entertaining, Informative, Uncensored, Unedited: Business Coaching Secrets