Drop me in any city in North America with a local cell phone on Monday. On Thursday I will have a full local live event with small business owners and by Friday afternoon I will have 2 high-end business coaching clients. - Karl Bryan


Karl oversees one of World’s fastest growing E-Learning companies, Leader Publishing Worldwide. The foundation of which is his proprietary E-Learning Marketing System for small business owners that is referred to as ‘The most powerful client attraction program ever created’ by some of the top marketing minds in the world today.

Karl is also the founder and Editor in Chief of the Six-Figure Coach magazine. The Six-Figure Coach is the only magazine 100% dedicated to Business Coaches and Consultants. Karl has assembled a world-class team of coaching professionals with hundreds of years of combined experience and expertise in the coaching profession. You can get a subscription to Karl’s groundbreaking magazine here.

He’s a recognized leader of a new generation in online marketing success and leadership. He has lived much of his life abroad and was sponsored at age 21 by ‘The President of National Small Business Australia’ to consult marketing overseas. He has since gone on to start numerous of his own successful companies as well as help others achieve their life dreams through marketing business effectively. Karl’s passion is educating business owners in the area of strategic sales and marketing. Both online and offline.

Karl’s unique ability to think ‘outside the box’ makes him a popular speaking figure and his on-stage energy ensure a high energy, rich in content, do not forget your notepad strategic sales and marketing presentation. You can book Karl for your next event. His interactive marketing sessions where he GUARANTEES to solve any marketing problem ON THE SPOT are a sight to behold.

Karl’s Story

Karl Bryan’s older brother committed suicide when Karl was only 16 years old… this unenviable, however, life-altering experience launched a successful business career and a young man on a mission to improve lives and ‘live for two’…

He was sponsored at the age of 21 to consult strategic sales and marketing concepts overseas by the ‘President of National Small Business Australia’. This unique opportunity has allowed him to interview, collaborate, discuss and brainstorm with thousands of successful business owners as well as pick the brains of and leverage some of the cleverest marketing minds on the planet.

Karl has demonstrated a proven ability to uncover hidden opportunities (both tangible and intangible), unrealized profit centres and develop marketing initiatives in the interest of a profitable and desirous result for business owners.

He has an extensive background ranging from numerous successful startup companies, in Canada and overseas, through to developing one of Canada’s fastest growing Marketing Consultancies. He has owned and operated small to medium-sized enterprises for the past 22 years and is renowned for his ability to problem solve seemingly complex sales and marketing problems into a simple profit generating high results-orientated solutions.

Karl believes strongly in ethical business practices and is highly passionate about educating business owners in the area of strategic sales and marketing. He can be found regularly on the Canadian public speaking circuit. Some of his engagements include Retail Alberta, Global TV morning show and guest speaker for the ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad Canadian Super Conference’ alongside Billionaire Bill Bartmann.

As a recent addition to his presentation, and available only to groups of over 100 in attendance, he will uncover the ONE HIDDEN SECRET that has allowed him to sell over $1,000,000.00 in his own businesses over the past 18 months.

You can book Karl for your next event.

E-Learning is one of the fastest growing categories of business on the planet… There are nearly as many people doing post-secondary education via E-Learning as attending classrooms. 52.6 Billion dollars was traded in 2010 through E-Learning Programs. If you, or someone you know, are looking for information on developing an E-Learning system for your small business clients contact LPW at info@noresults-nofee.com




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