I created Profit Acceleration Software™ so you can BOOST bottom-line profits of any business using the power of compounding growth without spending more on marketing.


‘Influencers’ have written some great books and given some great advice…

Problem is, it’s very rare to meet an ‘Influencer’ that has actually built a REAL business.  

Therefore, you need to be careful not to follow the popular leader on Facebook spewing popular catch phrases like ‘passive income’ ‘multiple streams of income’ ‘make money while you sleep’ like an ant marching into a death spiral.

Karl Bryan built his 8 figure business coaching company by reading and taking heed from Letters to Shareholders rather than joining the marketing book of the week club…

Karl and his TEAM oversee the world’s fastest growing Business Coaching Company and has licensees operating in 24 countries.

The foundation of which is the proprietary and revolutionary Profit Acceleration Software™.

His business coaching software is used by many of the world’s top business minds and was built to:

“Provide a step by step roadmap that finds any business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising.”

Those who follow Karl will often hear him railing against business coaching industry norms like:

“Multiple Streams of Income” 

A ridiculous concept that keeps business owners broke and is spewed by someone trying to sell you a bad book or an overpriced program.

How about following examples from Bezos, Gates, Jobs, Dell and Buffett… and build ONE KILLER STREAM OF INCOME FIRST?

Not nearly as sexy… but MUCH more effective!

“Cute Funnels”

Lead generation obviously matters, but knowing the mechanics of how to run a successful business is about one million times as important.  

Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, etc… are NOT spending a whole lot of their time building cute funnels. 

If you wrote down your list of the ‘Top 10 Brands in the World’… you’d likely end up with a very similar list as everyone else doing the same exercise. 

Rolex, Ferrari, Disney, Apple, Louis Vuitton etc… 

The brands that make your list all have ONE THING in common, and it’s not a cute funnel… It’s 3 very unpopular words amongst the business coaching fraternity:

‘Gross Profit Margin’. 

Karl will teach you how to read financial statements rather than send you the distracting sales and marketing book of the week and pouring gasoline on shiny light syndrome.   

“Go With Your Gut” 

GUT stands for ‘Gave Up Thinking’… 

How about going with the DATA. If the football coach ‘went with his gut’… he would go for it on 4th and 1 every time.

“We Need to Get Everyone in This Company on the Same Page” 

Advice spewed from someone with very little business expertise / experience. Communication is often the emergency brake of a growing business and ‘Profit Acceleration’.

“Constantly Playing Addition”

Most mentors and coaches will expand your to-do list that was never going to be completed in the first place. 

A REAL MENTOR can tell you what NOT to do!

“Idolizing Influencers” 

It’s very seldom will you meet an ‘influencer’ that has built a REAL company.

The list of bad advice out there, by people that have never done it and therefore don’t know it, is mind bogglingly endless…

If you want to know how to build A REAL COACHING BUSINESS, then follow someone that has a track record of building a REAL COACHING BUSINESS. 

Karl has a unique ability to think ‘outside the box’ that provides for a high tempo, rich in content, do not forget your notepad business coaching podcast / email / blog post.

His interactive marketing sessions where he:

“Guarantees To Solve Any Business Coaching Problem ON THE SPOT”

… are a sight to behold.





Imagine having the resources, tools, and confidence to BOOST your clients’ bottom-line profits using the power of compounding growth without spending more on marketing.

Whether you're new or a seasoned professional, our team supports you every step of the way.

Ready to transform your business? 

"I created Profit Acceleration Software™ so you can BOOST bottom-line profits using the power of compounding growth without spending more on marketing."- Karl Bryan

"Eliminate the time between the idea and the act...
and your dreams will become your reality."