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Karl. Is. On. FIRE!!!

Karl Bryan is on FIRE with this podcast! I have listened to almost every single one of them and he is KNOWLEDGEABLE, funny and tells STORIES that tie into his point LIKE NO OTHER. He brings years of ‘doing it’ to help business coaches worldwide! Karl just shares, shares, shares. If you want to be a business coach or ARE a coach and want to STEP IT UP, just listen and use his strategies. You’ll look like a ROCK STAR! Honestly, I only listen to about three podcasts. His is on my list. Do it. You can thank me later. And I thank YOU Karl for sharing all this wonderful knowledge with us!


Karl Bryan is THE Master Coach to Listen To!

Karl is always worth listening to for building your coaching/consulting business. His info is actionable and works in the real world. Not fluff and stuff that you can’t figure out! Highly recommend adding Karl to your go to podcasts.


Business Coaching Reality

Karl cuts through a ton of the myths surrounding business coaching and really gets to the meat of the profession. Always, always a great motivator when I’m feeling “stuck”!


Must Listen To Podcast for ALL business Owners

I just started listening to this and taking notes. I am learning so much that I can implement in my business right now. Also there are mindset shifts and golden nuggets throughout. One of my biggest nuggets is, every coach should have affordable package less than $100 per month to make yourself affordable for everyone. Thanks Karl Bryan for launching this podcast. Amazing content, I am binging on every episode.


The BEST Coaching Advice, Anywhere

Karl and Road Dog deliver, by far, the BEST Coaching secrets that is open to the public. The only place to receive more detailed advice is in the Six-Figure Coach Magazine or as a member of his Coaching Group. I dig the direct approach and No BS conversation. Thanks Karl and Chris. I greatly appreaciate both of you for all you’ve done for my family and my coaching business.

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A Necessary Voice In the Industry

Karl never ceases to amaze. He provides a necessary voice in an industry devoid of honest reflection. You can tell by his energy and conviction in his voice that he absolutely believes in the potential of coaching and wants coaches to be more successful. For me, it is not a matter of whether his ideas will help me more successful for myself and my clients, but rather how to implement all of his great ideas as quickly as possible.


Tested and proven strategies to grow your business

If you’re looking for proven and actionable coaching strategies to grow your coaching business, then Karl Bryan is your man. Unlike most “guru’s” out there, he’s been out there in the trenches and has built multiple 7-figure businesses, so his strategies actually work and are based on real-world experience.


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