I created Profit Acceleration Software™ for you to position YOURSELF as a business breakthrough specialist so you can find ‘financial breakthroughs’ for any prospect or client, in any industry, in any country.

Revolutionary Software for Coaches

I want to welcome you to this brief overview of our revolutionary new business coaching software specifically developed to make business coaches and consultants wildly successful

We’ve been working with and training the world’s top coaches and consultants around the world for more than a decade. When we ask them what their number one challenge is, we get the exact same answer every time – I need more high-end coaching clients that stay clients for years… not just a few months!

So, consider this. How easy would it be for you, as a business coach, to close a new high-end coaching client if you could FIND YOUR FEE prior to working with them?

And as a double whammy, what if you were able to immediately increase the revenue of your new client by 2 to 3 times your monthly coaching fee? What if you offered that business owner an iron-clad guarantee, in writing, that by the time the business owner pays for your second month of coaching, you’ll generate DOUBLE your first month’s fee in ADDITIONAL annual revenue for them. And you will continue that same guarantee EVERY MONTH you coach them. So, for every dollar they pay you, within 30 days you will DOUBLE their investment. How hard will it now be to close coaching clients??? How long will that business owner remain your client? Why in the world would they ever leave you? Where else can they go to receive a 200% return on their investment – every MONTH.

Obviously, that’s a no-brainer decision for ANY business owner to make, but coaches admit to me, in private, they’re not entirely sure how and where to find ‘financial breakthroughs’ for their prospects so they can honor that guarantee. In fact, the vast majority of business coaches have absolutely no financial training whatsoever. 90% of the population are totally confused by a profit and loss statement.

We decided we needed to create a solution to this dilemma that would benefit all business coaches and consultants, so we developed proprietary business coaching software that, in mere minutes, can uncover major ‘financial breakthroughs’ for ANY business in 11 critical areas.

Profit Acceleration Software™

Our revolutionary Profit Acceleration Software™ is designed to position YOU as a business breakthrough specialist so you can find ‘financial breakthroughs’ for any prospect or client, in any industry, in any country. Then the software closes that prospect so they become your high-end coaching client. But we felt that wasn’t enough, so we designed our software to give you the exact steps to take with your clients, and help them implement a solution that actually gets their business exponential, and immediate, financial returns.

As a business coach, you will never again say to yourself – “I’m not sure what to do to help this client.”

Our revolutionary business coaching software has the RIGHT information – in the RIGHT order so as their coach, you NEVER AGAIN have to play guessing games trying to figure out the steps needed to increase their leads, their sales, and their revenue and profits. 

Here’s how our proprietary Profit Acceleration Software™ works.

Profit Acceleration Software

According to Forbes, a business is categorized as “small” if it has revenues up to $7,000,000. So, for our example, let’s say we find you a hot new business coaching prospect doing just 10% of that—a business making $700,000 annually.

Obviously, this business is small potatoes like most businesses are. We want to show you that our software works with businesses of any size, including start-ups. Every business wants to make a return on their coaching investment with you… and if you can FIND YOUR PROSPECTS TWICE YOUR COACHING FEE prior to starting with them, they’ll sign up on the spot.

Our software will enable you to do exactly that… for ANY business. You’ll be able to perform a brief 45-minute assessment, find that business more than $100,000 in less than 45 minutes … and without them spending any additional money on marketing or advertising.

Our software begins by establishing some simple baselines for your new prospect, such as their current revenue, and their net and gross profit margins. Then it begins asking specific questions that detail various strategies that will uncover amazing ‘financial breakthroughs’ that business owners constantly overlook.

The Right Questions

Not knowing the right questions to ask is the reason most coaches can’t find new and consistent high-end clients. If they don’t know exactly what questions to ask, they won’t uncover the most pressing problems that business owner is facing… which means they won’t be able to show them the amount of additional revenue they’re leaving on the table year after year. When that happens, getting them to request your coaching services is gone forever. In case you haven’t noticed, they don’t ask you back for a second chance.

The right questions in the right order is the key to finding dramatic ‘financial breakthroughs’ for your prospective clients. If you want them to hire you as their coach, they MUST perceive you to be the preeminent expert that can solve their problems, make them more money and help build the business of their dreams. You MUST impress the business owner through the questioning process… and our Profit Acceleration Software™ is the ultimate process you need to do this right every time.

The questions you ask are segmented based on the problem areas all business owners experience. You’ll have your choice of 11 areas to start. You may elect to do all 11, or you may decide the business you’re assessing only needs 5 or 6. But as you go through each area, you will uncover tens of thousands of dollars in revenue that business owner is unknowingly leaving on the table.

You’re simply helping them to identify it. Small business owners usually resist big changes in their business that cause dramatic upheaval, even if it means a significant increase in profits. For that reason, we typically look for breakthroughs in each area between 3% and 10%. We want to keep our projections believable and easily achievable. It’s always better to under-promise and over-deliver. When you do this, your credibility skyrockets with your prospects.

Once our software completes the process, you click a button and their new Profit Acceleration Summary automatically populates. The summary displays the dramatic revenue and profit increases you just uncovered for them in both numbers and visual graphs…. as well as the increase in the valuation of their business. But that’s just for starters.

Next, click the Priorities button and assign a time to implement each breakthrough you uncovered. Save that information, and then click the Prioritize or Sort button. Now click the Implementation button and the software provides you with an implementation calendar so you know exactly when to execute each strategy for maximum results. But here’s where the rubber meets the road, so to speak.

How can a coach use this information to actually help their new client get dramatic and life-changing ‘financial breakthroughs’? What specific steps should a coach take to ensure maximum financial increases in both revenue and profits? When you’re using our software, all you have to do is click on any of the strategies you just evaluated… and the exact paint-by-number coaching steps will appear, so you know what to do and when to do it. The software literally PREVENTS a coach from ever failing.

But now for the MOST impressive benefit our software provides you. When a coach can prove to a business owner that they can make them MORE money than the business owner will pay them, you have all but secured a new coaching client. Just click the ROI button at the top and watch what happens.

PAS 2.0

A series of bar graphs appear that highlight the increase in profits you have found for that prospect, and it then compares that increase to your coaching fee which is on the right. It’s that little blue “doormat” that looks miniscule when compared to the profits you can generate for that business owner.

Then directly below, it creates a series of line graphs that further highlight the increases you’ve found in revenue and profits. Your coaching fee is again represented in blue, and the line graph creates the perception that your coaching fee isn’t even a factor in their decision to work with you. In fact, you should be able to raise your fee when you run into scenarios like this!

But you’re still not done impressing your prospect. What if you can now hand them a complete professionally-designed and illustrated report that highlights the breakthroughs you found in both numerical and graphical representations? That will all but seal the deal.

Click the Report button and the software generates a complete report ready to hand to your client. All of the financial data you uncovered for this business is automatically populated into this report. This will blow your client’s mind. And remember, the software did all of this for you in just 45 minutes.

profit acceleration software roadmap

But here’s why this process works so well for you. Business owners buy results… NOT promises, hype or promotion. Let’s face it… as their coach, you’re going to charge them a monthly fee between $1,000 to $5000 per month. Maybe more? The ONLY way your new prospect is going to invest that kind of money is if they feel 100% certain they’ll receive more than that back.

Our software provides that certainty, as well as the roadmap to fulfill it for your new coaching clients. If you would like to explore getting your own personalized version of our revolutionary new Profit Acceleration Software™ that can help you find and convert new high-end coaching clients that can afford to pay you $12 – $60k per year and more… help you coach your clients… ensure they profit wildly with you… and keep paying you for many years to come… just click the link below and schedule a day and time for us to speak.

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