Michael Phelps Interview

The interview with snowboarding legend Shaun White got rave reviews on the emotional ups and downs of super competitive sport.

Before my by big brother passed away when I was 16 years old (he was 23)… he was an elite skier that had a shot at skiing for Team Canada in the ’88 Olympics.

He tore ligaments in his knee (for the tenth time) and it was basically game over. It was tough on him.

Watching him ski down a mountain at 95 mph was a sight to behold and something I cherish and think of often.

I’ve played hockey at National Championships, World Championships (I’ve played inline hockey for Team Canada many times which is basically Ice Hockey on Rollerblades) and lots of big tournaments in countries like Slovakia, Italy, Czech Republic, USA, Thailand, the most fun place of all Australia. And of course, in Canada.

Roller coaster of emotions

It’s insanely common to come home feeling empty after the roller coaster of emotional highs and the lows that come with competitive sport.

I remember closing a $500,000 coaching deal and I was left with a similar feeling of “Is this all there is…?” and “what the heck am I going to do for an encore??”

The business coaches that work with me also have incredible successes, do incredible live events and the same feelings/emotions confuse them afterward.

Frankly, you’d be abnormal to not feel the drain.

Framed differently, when you make it financially and buy a big house, flashy watch and the sports car of your dreams… you’d think you’d have all these new friends and people that admire you.

That’s what the movie says will happen… what really happens is you create haters and people that secretly can’t wait for you to spectacularly come crashing back down to Earth.

This is a primary reason for self-sabotage…. they take love away from you and you want it back. Badly So bad that you subconsciously toilet your success and magically those people are there to comfort you in your sorrow.

Ridiculously common… kinda wild if you think about it.

Ever wondered why 90% of the population is broke??


The secret reason is… every relationship needs ‘balance’.

As you go UP in status (life is 100% about status whether we like it or not) with new admiration, new cars, new houses, new neighborhoods, new friends, new quality of parties, more expensive wine…. they have two choices.

1. They elevate and come with you.

2. They bring you back down.

One of these two happens or, they lose you.

They don’t want to lose you and very seldom do people want to elevate.

Have a look at your own experiences and those close to you for what happens and how it plays out over time.

In this interview, Tony Robbins talks to 28 time Olympic gold medalist and dead set rock star and one of my favorite people… Michael Phelps.

Michael Phelps experienced all of the above at the highest of levels….  talks about depression, his well-publicized stumbles (can you say ‘self-sabotage’ and getting back love he felt he lost from jealous friends and loved ones… cough… cough) and about getting home from the Olympics feeling empty and directionless.

If you’re a true coach and really committed to helping successful people at the highest of levels… you’ll love this interview.

I sure did!

Michael Phelps interview here:

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