One Coaching Thing: Day 133: My Reasons

One Coaching Thing Day 133: My Reasons

Happy Monday and I’m making a change to the name of my daily post….

I created this series at about 1am when I realized it would help if I turned one post into multiple separate messages for you.

A 30-day challenge of daily posts has gotten us to day 133 and counting.

I decided on the name without 5 seconds of thought and after being sent books, audios, blogs and everything else with “ONE THING” as the title…

… I’ve decided to slightly adjust the name of this series as you’ll see below.




I have been on a fast for the last 4.5 days.

Truth is it was challenging mentally and I’d be lying to say I didn’t have a little fear of not following through and not living up to my word.  

Here’s what I didn’t do.

I didn’t study fasts on the internet for hours and create a bulletproof strategy for following through with a fast prior to starting.

I didn’t bulk up for three days, delay it, and wait until I was ‘ready’.

I didn’t dial up Jenny Craig or the nearest weight watcher place.

As in, I didn’t make it ‘bigger than necessary’ and I also didn’t overthink it.

What I did do is write a list of REASONS it was vital I completed my fast (I’m still going).

Here Are Some Of Them:

Regular fasting (properly done) is proven to prevent cancer.

90% of disease lives in the lower intestine… clean that crap out!

I want to be of sound mind and body for my kids as they go through life challenges.

Three kids, three weddings we need to attend.

My late big brother, Rick, would have… so I will do it for him.

I’m blessed with excellent health… show my body gratitude for it.

I want my wife, family, and friends to have respect for me.

My 6 year old told me I’m getting a big belly. She’s the most honest person on the planet… others are therefore thinking it but not saying it.

I teach and preach mental toughness… I need to demonstrate it.

 Show my family ‘mental strength’ so it’s easier for them.

Business benefits due to ‘mental clarity’… some have arrived and more to come.

Because I can and so many others can’t.

I’ll be lighter and better around a hockey rink… my teammates rely on me.

It’s a fabulous monthly habit to get into.

Grandkids that I want to be able to guide one day.

You’re measured in life by what you FINISH… not what you start.

Every time I had second thoughts like “surely 2 days is plenty”… I pulled out my list of REASONS a read them.


I can tell you I feel like a rock star mentally.


If you want to build your business… create a list of REASONS.

And revisit your list when it gets tough or its time to leave your comfort zone.

Entrepreneurial marriages break up over lack of money 100 times as much as they do over lack of love.

Entrepreneurs kill themselves every day over the struggle.

Go help a business owner… for the sake of their kids. 

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. Socialism only works in two places. Heaven where they don’t need it.

And hell where they’ve already got it. ~ Ronald Reagan

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