One Thing: Day 105:  Does Artificial Intelligence Affect You? 

Day 105:  Does Artificial Intelligence Affect You? 

Last week I was explaining what matters…

What you probably didn’t realize is that I was away skiing with my family for the week.

I still wrote an email each day (strangely somewhat therapeutic at this point) but I tried to get away from work.  

My reality is that with a rapidly growing company with over 700 business coaches in 24 countries that use my internet coaching tools, membership sites, coaches marketing center, online lead generation system and business coaching software…

It’s hard to separate myself.

This pleases my wife to no end :o)


When I was up on the hill skiing…. I left my phone behind.

Sadly, a rather painful experience.

Got me thinking and it has to do with artificial intelligence (AI).

Prospective new coaching clients

I’ll play it out like a conversation with one your prospective new coaching clients that you might want to initiate.

Hint: They don’t think AI has arrived yet.

Coaching Client: At what point do you think we’ll become one with artificial intelligence?

You: It’s already happened.

Coaching Client: Huh?!?

You: How do you feel when you leave the house and suddenly realize you forgot your phone?

Coaching Client: *No words… just resigned look on their face*

You: And how do you feel when the battery on your phone is running low?

Or far worse, it dies.

Do you feel a deep sense that something is missing?

Coaching Client: *More stunned silence* Are you Yoda??

You: Judging by the fact you just asked if I’m Yoda… and coupled with the look on your face I probably don’t need to ask what it’s like when you lose access to the internet for an extended period of time.

But relax… it’s no different than how you felt as a kid when your car broke down.

Coaching Client: Wow, that’s powerful and I never thought of it that way.

You: That’s why I’m a successful business coach… I help you make sense of this kind of stuff and we’ll use it all to your business’ advantage.

Technology doesn’t need to be within you to become a significant part of you.

Your ONE THING is to start understanding the effects of artificial intelligence.

It’s a lot more than worrying about robots taking over the city and killing all of us one day.

BTW that’s not gonna happen – but that’s a great way to get lots of free press.

Elon Musk is a smarter dude than you likely give him credit for.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

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