One Thing: Day 114: Kobe Bryant Reaction

Day 114: Kobe Bryant Reaction 

Yesterday I gave you a rundown on how a number of conversations when I sat down with some 9 figure internet marketers.

In a nutshell… ‘the second business eats the first.’

I also got (not unexpected) interesting feedback on my Kobe Bryant comments.

I never work out why people that read my posts feel they can suddenly tell me how to think?

Feel free to disagree… but message me and tell me I’m wrong to be inspired by Kobe Bryant’s famous work ethic?!?

Alrightyyy thennn.

*Jim Carrey Pet Detective voice and exaggerated head spin to right*


Amongst the instructions on how I should think moving forward here’s a question I got about 150 times yesterday.

“If second businesses eat the first… does that mean you suggest a flat ‘no’ to doing a second company?”

Be ultra-cautious overextending your time and resources but the answer to that is your ONE THING today…

“The second business should FEED the first.”

A synergistic opportunity.

When Burton Snowboards started a second company it was a ‘Snowboard Events Business’…

They ran snowboard competitions which grew the sport (grew the pie – because no one knew what snowboarding was) and raised the profile of his brand.

They started local events to manage resources (same people running the warehouse could help on weekends with the events) TEST THE WATERS and as they became more successful grew to global.

He also bootstrapped the entire Burton operation and never raised a single dollar past the initial investment.

When someone told him he needed ‘Multiple Streams of Income’ he thought to himself…

“That seems like a stupid idea. Why wouldn’t I stay laser-focused on this one, change the world, make more money than I can count and enjoy doing it without overextending myself and burning out and ending up broke like the others?”

Then they told him to ‘go with his gut’ when making critical business decisions and he said:

“Why would I want to Give Up Thinking?”

He was a smart guy… I would have enjoyed having a beer with him.

Yes, I drink beer once in a while and I’m OK with that.

I hope you’re resting peacefully Jake Burton and I’ll take a guess and say you and Kobe will enjoy flying together. 

I’ll be down here working like a madman to make inspiring guys like you and Kobe proud.


You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. Your lack of strength disturbs me.  

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