One Thing: Day 211: Michael Jordan and Hockey Fight

Day 211: Michael Jordan and Hockey Fight

Last week I finished up telling you about the ridiculous similarities between the Devil and the Media according to one of the best books ever written by Napoleon Hill.

Not ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and it’s the one he wrote that you’ve probably never heard of.

As I’ve told you many times before the ultimate competitive advantage is:

‘The ability to see the entire playing field.’

If someone is not taking the time to actively and strategically educate themselves… consider who is educating them.

The answer would be the government and the media.

They both eat three times a day… only problem is that YOU ARE THEIR DINNER.



‘Deterrence Strategies’

I’ve had my head knocked around more times than I’d like to think about while playing hockey.

I was small with a big mouth and a propensity to stick up for myself and my teammates.  

I was watching a Michael Jordan documentary… he had a rivalry with Clyde ‘The Glide’ Drexler and it upset Jordan to even be compared to him.

Clyde had a great 3-point shot….

Someone asked Jordan when comparing them ‘What about 3 pointers?” intimating that Clyde had his number in that part of the game.

Jordan replied, “I choose not to shoot 3 pointers.”

In the first game of the finals, both teams establishing ground, when they were playing for the NBA championship Michael Jordan broke the NBA record in the first half for hitting 3-pointers.

Need I tell you who won the first game and the championship that year?

Consider this as you read below.

This advice below might seem strange… but it’s EXACTLY what the toughest hockey players in hockey use as their playbook.

Ironically it was given to me from a buddy of mine that serves in the military.

Many of my highest performing coaches are ex-military.

I assumed it was their track record for ‘discipline’ and I still think that’s a large part of their success.

Elite hockey players, Michael Jordan, and Military have a lot in common.

I think you’ll find it useful for your coaching clients concerned about competition.

Here’s advice in regards to deterrence and reverse intimidation… and compare them to Michael Jordan’s approach to game 1 of the NBA finals against their best player, Clyde ‘The Glide’ Drexler:

  • Seem unpredictable and irrational: Don’t allow your opponent to see a pattern in your movements. You want them to think you’re irrational and that a close encounter with you will be a risky move.
  • Play on their natural paranoia: Indirectly inform your opponent of your strengths. The more unclear the information is, the more paranoid they will be.
  • Use the element of surprise by using a bold maneuver: take risks in the presence of your enemy that highlights your strengths rather than weaknesses
  • Threat Reversal: Find the places your enemy is vulnerable, and attack them.
  • Establish an intimidating reputation: For a prolonged period of time.

At the end of the movie ‘The Founder’ Ray Kroc says to the McDonalds boys on speaker:

“If my competitor was drowning… I’d find a hose and stick it in his mouth. Can you say the same?”

I’m not in any way suggesting you need to be this aggressive… but I am saying you’re kidding yourself to not think, ‘Business is War’ and your best approach it in that manner.

Are you intimating to your competitors?

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

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