One Thing: Day 249: Becoming Hot

Day 249: Becoming Hot

Yesterday I was explaining how you, and your new high-end coaching clients, can promote like a rock star on a super small budget.

And, on any given day, if you’re insecurities are getting the better of you…

Here are a secret three steps:

Risk more than others perceive as safeDream higher than others perceive as practicalExpect more than others perceive possible

You are a walking miracle.

Strut accordingly.



‘Becoming Hot’

Yesterday we were talking about marketing on a budget and a great way to do that is to be or become, HOT.

If you were a promoter or an affiliate marketer you’d want to promote ‘what’s hot’ wherever and whenever possible.

Promoting Britney Spears, or a rock star with no hits or work ethic, would not be the easiest task.

Here are some clever ways to ensure you and your high-end coaching clients become and stay ‘HOT’ and have the ability to start a trend:

1. Align with trends and current news events.

Do this, by being aware of what’s going on in your area and tapping into the conversation already going on in the head of your ideal prospect.

An example of how this is totally missed.

In one city, real estate prices are at an all-time high… in another city, they’re at an all-time low…

Not much sense in talking to someone where real estate is down about ‘all-time high real estate prices.’

Or given the Pandemic age we live in… one city is locked down and the other is opening up. Don’t talk about the wrong situation.

An immediate disconnect and the rest of what you say will lack credibility.

The opposite is true when you get it right.

2. Get some prestigious recognition.

From blogs, experts, newspapers, broadcasters, publishers, or industry groups.

When I’ve been placed on the cover of different magazines or when I was voted #6 Business Coach to Follow in 2020…

And #7 on the list of “Most Influential Business Coaches 2020”

Or when my Business Coaching Secrets podcast got ranked alongside Frank Kern and Joe Polish.

I told you about it.

3. Release a new product.

People love something that’s new…

Professional sports do it every year by promoting the young guns coming through the draft.

Promote what is exciting, new, interesting and with features/solutions never before available.

My revolutionary new Business Coaching Software is all this, and more, for those looking to get a steady stream of high-end business coaching clients.

Where else could you find software with 497,000,000 weighted algorithms that finds any business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising?

Answer: NOWHERE.

4. Tie into seasons and holidays.

This is simply a variation of #1 of tapping into what they’re already thinking which is remarkably powerful.

Your coaching clients marketing at Christmas and not mentioning ‘Christmas / Santa Claus’ is a missed opportunity.

Or connect with the release of movies or entertainment events like McDonald’s and other powerhouses have done for decades.

Very common to miss these opportunities due to lack of strategy and creativity.

5. Ride the wave of fads.

By noting what is popular at present.

For example, I just went fishing up North (as in with the Eskimos and “dancing” Northern Lights which was INCREDIBLE) at a hunting and fishing Lodge.

Lotsa bears and moose.

A new tee shirt for the lodge had just arrived said:

“Don’t Moose With Me… I’m Social Distancing”

At the release of the next Superhero movie, like Wonder Woman that is due out, get your high end coaching clients to tie a promotion into Wonder Woman.

Dress up like her.

Hire someone to dress up like her.

Do a mail out to your database saying any kids that come in for an exam (what your client offers) will leave with a free Wonder Woman collectible.

McDonald’s has been doing this forever… clearly with marked success.

Make something similar work for you and your high-end clients.

Maybe tell everyone they need to wear a mask…

Oh ya…

These are 5 excellent ways that I can think of for you, and your coaching clients, to become HOT.

Let me put it this way…

If you’re helping your high end coaching clients advertise their business and essentially what’s being advertised is:

“We need and welcome new customers….”

Then you and your clients are making a huge mistake.

Advertise a FREEBIE, something new, something exciting, something incredible and something that is available only until stock runs out.

Bingo, Bango, Bongo.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. I don’t have an alarm. I wake up when my bodies done sleeping.

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