One Thing: Day 284: Win. Lose. Draw.

Day 284: Win. Lose. Draw.

Yesterday I was explaining how winning at business with self-control is similar to a quarterback winning the game in the last two minutes.

Speaking of winning…

I just bought a lottery ticket… I’m going in to claim victory before the draw tonight.

I’ll let you know how much I win.

In other news…

I’m concerned about Biden’s coronavirus task force.

Not a single family member on it, just a bunch of doctors.



‘Win/Win Negotiations’

I’ve done some negotiating in my day… so I’ll start with the bad news.

Experienced negotiators use the suggested message of ‘win/win’ as a way to get the other party to give compromises before you even hit the negotiation table.

Don’t let your high-end coaching clients fall for it.

Why And How I Hear You Ask?

  1. Win/win is an invitation to play nice, give compromises, while the other, more experienced party, pretend to. 
  2. A good negotiation should be emotionless.
  3. Win/win sounds great but it would only be possible if both parties laid bear all their cards. That doesn’t ever happen.
  4. If you hear the words ‘collective bargaining’… RUN. It simply says ‘if you want to do this deal you will need to give up something.’ The words alone alter the power of the negotiation.

In a nutshell… accepting a win/win negotiation is acceptance of giving up more than you likely need to and quicker than you planned.

You end up with a win/lose deal and you’ll end up on the wrong side.

Like almost everything in life… it comes down to psychology.

  • In Western cultures, people think of themselves as buyers. Therefore, automatically willing to give up position or compromise.
  • People who ‘like to talk a lot’ get crushed by a good negotiator. I learned this the hard way LOL. Learn to say less and listen more.
  • How badly do you need the deal? You must be willing to walk away and like yesterday’s message, manage your EMOTIONS when negotiating.
  • A good negotiator understands that they can’t be “rejected personally”.  The deal gets done or it doesn’t but they don’t worry about being liked, ‘good enough’, smart or respected.

The more you negotiate… the better you’ll get.

In case you didn’t realize… EVERY coaching deal you close is simply a negotiation.

And its why I built business coaching software that ensures you’re always on the WIN side of the win/win relationship.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. Salary is the gateway drug. The promotion is the drug they give you to give up on all your dreams.

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As good business coaches we save marriages, save families, save kids from destruction… we save lives.

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