One Thing: Day 39: Bill Cosby, Belly Buttons and Spell Check

Day 39: Bill Cosby, Belly Buttons and Spell Check

Yesterday was my birthday. I asked for a belly button but unfortunately a no go… I guess I’ll have to freak the kids out by the pool until Christmas.

Get your shit together, Santa.

In my last post I was explaining how there are three levels of business and how your clients should think about “Moving On Up”… kinda like The Jeffersons. 

Today I’m going to explain ‘disintermediation’.

Thank you ‘spell check’ or I would have been here all day.

It’s a fancy pants word for ‘eliminating the middle man’ from the supply chain.

For the high school English flunkies like myself, let’s call it that instead.

A lot of folks try to work out where the internet fits in the grand scheme of things and it’s your ONE THING today:

The internet is the middleman.


You may have heard this quote from the richest man on the planet, Jeff Bezos. Well he was the richest man until he went to a baseball game with a certain smoking hot actress.


“Your margin is my opportunity”

~ Jeff Bezos

Here are some examples of companies that use the internet to eliminate the middleman (feel free to use the fancy pants word above that makes my ‘spell check’ sweat) and not to mention disrupt entire industries.






Dell computers


Warby Parker

And too many more to mention… many more to come.

Another example of eliminating the middle man is the entire media space.

Have you ever wondered how sexual exploitation went virtually unmentioned for decades and now it’s taking heavyweights like Matt Lauer, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey etc… down?

BTW I’m not in ANY WAY suggesting these guys are guilty, innocent, unlucky, unjustly accused etc… so please save it. 


The reason is five white guys no longer control everything you see and hear.

Professional athletes (and a certain unnamed President that this short Canadian, sans belly button, has exactly NO OPINION on) use Twitter to bypass news outlets to get their unedited nor interpreted soundbites out direct to the public.

Another worker at the TV/Radio/Newspaper, unfortunately, just lost their job to ‘disintermediation’ as I wrote that.

My ‘spell check’ just high fived me.

Question is, what does this mean for you?

And what new opportunities exist for your business coaching clients and prospective coaching clients going direct to consumer and eliminating the middleman?

Something I’d recommend you think about.

Next I’m going to take you to Vegas and provide my opinion on the number one Vegas show of all time.

It’ll be a lesson in distribution on steroids.

My sexy wife is taking me to dinner tonight so this might be the one day I take off hammering out a post and if so, I’ll send the following day.

It’ll be worth the wait.

Please forward this to someone that needs some bad grammar in their life.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

King Karl

PS. I got 80+ messages on my birthday encouraging me to ‘have a good time and get away from your computer’ ‘ go have some fun’ ‘ take the day off’….

I spent the day researching, then writing and I did two interviews for my upcoming KILLER podcast.

I think I may really be obsessed!

PPS. Business Coaching is NOT ABOUT ‘getting clients’, ‘finding business owners with money’ or ‘making 6 figures as a coach.’

It’s about successfully HELPING business owners.

It’s no different than the actress that thinks acting is about nailing the audition.

Acting is about being THE BEST.

Those are the actors / actresses that make oodles of money.

Business coaching is no different.

That is the SINGLE REASON I stay up until 1am writing these posts for you.



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