One Thing: Day 404: Your Vibe (Improved)

Day  404: Your Vibe (Improved)

Yesterday I was telling you how cool I was and the VIBE I intentionally give off.

Don’t pretend like it doesn’t make me attractive.

Truth is…

I read my wife’s horoscope in the morning to see what kind of day I’m going to have.

She says its impossible to know what period of her life is the middle… so she’s decided to have an ongoing crisis.

In other news…

If you blame others you have a long way to go… if you blame yourself you’re about halfway there… if you blame no one… you’ve arrived.


Yesterday I was explaining how to improve your overall VIBE.


‘Maximizing your VIBE’

I got a ton of feedback yesterday where I was explaining how your ‘vibe’ is likely screwing up your results and making you accidentally feel needy when you’re really trying to be helpful.

The waiter at the high-end steakhouse walks around like he’s a higher class than the diners.

And you like it.

Here are 5 steps to having a higher ‘Vibe Factor’.

Is that a thing..?

1. Audience

Approach it like you’re writing/speaking to a specific person and your goal is to appeal to them on an emotional level.

When they read your posts or hear your story they’re either thinking “Me too” or “Who Cares”

HINT: You want them to be thinking ME TOO.

Do you think it’s a coincidence Tony Robbins talks and repeats the SAME STORIES over and over again?

HINT: Cause they work. You tell different stories every time and therefore never get any good at telling an impactful and emotional story.

TR doesn’t have that problem.

2. Experience

You should write and speak from a place of experience.

All Tony Robbins stories come from clients he’s worked with… personal experience and experiences through clients )often famous and that’s not an accident – higher status).

Most of my most successful webinars are titles something to the effect of:

How I Did XYZ (from experience – they want the experience that I’ve already had).

Here’s a presentation I did for a few hundred digital marketers and this one webinar earned me $250,000 + in 90 minutes.

To watch it (it’s INSANELY educational on how to build a legit 7 figure coaching company and how I did it) and when I say ‘digital marketers’ just assume I’m saying ‘business consultant’ cause it’s all the same thing.

Click here to watch me show you how: 

3. Value

You should be adding value to their life.

HUGE mistake I see daily… I go to a business coaches website and see a video and the ENTIRE video is a sales pitch on how wonderful the coach is (me me me).


 Make a video that ADDS VALUE to the persons life watching.

If you want an example of this… read my daily emails and listen to my podcast.

I don’t even bother to sell and I get a DAILY email of someone, point blank, saying “Can I please work with you?”

Hint: They don’t ask how much. They ask “Can I please send you money…”

4. Stand Against

Don’t sing Kumbaya and talk about how wonderful the world is… explain what they’re doing wrong and what is COSTING them opportunities/money.

Stand against a narrative, philosophy, strategy, tactic etc…

Some examples:

“Systems will set you free” is amateur hour advice.

“Multiple Streams of Income” are taught by people without Multiple Streams of Income 90% of the time. Bezos, Gates, Zuckerberg etc… have ONE stream of income.

“We need to get everyone on the same page” is ridiculous…. Communication often the handbrake of a growing company.

I could go on… guessing you get the idea.

5. Evergreen

Your content should stand the test of time.

When you look at my emails and the things I teach (the courses we provide business coaches to sell) they’re built with an Evergreen approach…

They stand the test of time.

Now you just need to do all of this is a non-needy way.

Like the waiter that walks around like he’s a higher class than the diners.

You need to give off a VIBE of seniority…

Now, go help someone and put that new VIBE to good use.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

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A true-life of purpose.

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