One Thing: Day 719: The 100% Solution.

Day 719: The 100% Solution.

Yesterday I was explaining how fitness, business, advertising, marketing and life are games without a finish line as well as why Dangerous Dave told everyone to F Off…

Speaking of the way Thanksgiving Dinner often goes…

What’s a Turkeys favorite month?

They don’t have one but they prefer any other than November.

Why did they let the turkey join the rock band?

Cause he had his own drumsticks.

What did the leftover turkey say?

Make me a sandwich.

In other news…

Being beautiful isn’t about how you look.



‘The REAL problem’

Business coaching success takes a little work and consistency.

Business owners fail while avoiding consistency and looking for the secret sauce.

The late great copywriter Gary Halbert shared this:

Imagine a scenario where all you had to do was wake up everyday, drive 1 mile to a location by 8:00 A.M., and you would have $1,000 you could pick up at that location.

What would happen is this:

People would be super happy for a week.

Then, one day, they wouldn’t go to the location to pick up the money.

Why didn’t they pick up the money?

“Well, I had a flat tire. I couldn’t drive.”

Why didn’t they call a cab?

Why didn’t they walk?

Why didn’t they ask for a lift from someone?

Lots of things get in the way in life and business.

Even ‘doing things right’ can get in the way of “doing the right things”.

When you persevere, stay focused on the goal and hone in on what is important, what you end up with is an E.L.F. (Easy, Lucrative and Fun) business and life.”

The end.

I’d say this advice was unfortunately spot on.

I can help a business coach find high-end coaching clients or fill a local live event with 100% certainty.

It’ll be hard work; you’ll need a little mojo… but it literally just takes a little consistency.

I’ll put a business coaching spin on the above Gary Halbert advice…

Here it is:

All a business coach needs to do is wake up, make 3 calls to local business owners by 10am each day.

On those calls they must care while providing a small amount of value.

Ask them their goals and remind the importance of writing them down.

Ask what their 3 highest priorities are of that day.

Explain 80 / 20 and the importance of it.

Remind them to spend 80% of their time with the 20% of the customers that buy from them.

Encourage them to follow up on their accounts receivable that are (ridiculously) aging etc…

Simple stuff.

After 60 days of improving / refining this process…

… upon completion of the third call $1000 would be deposited into their bank account on an annual basis $365,000 per year.

Here’s what would happen:

The business coach would be over the moon for a week.

Then one day, they wouldn’t make the calls.

Why didn’t they make the calls?

“I didn’t sleep well last night so I slept in.”

“I ran out of people to call.”

“I wasn’t sure what to say.”

“The guy abused me and I don’t want to bother people.”

Lots of things can get in the way of becoming a successful business coach.

The End.

Look at it this way, coaches do not have “a lead generation problem”… “a client getting problem” nor do they have “a money problem”:…

They have a refusal to help people, before they pay them, problem.

You need 5.5 clients at $1500 per month to make $100,000 with 80% margins.

If you called and HELPED 3 business owners every single day… in a very ‘present way’ with no expectation of a return it would almost be IMPOSSIBLE for you not to make six-figures.

You’d have to be a total idiot.

You heard it here first.

Here’s a video where I explain ‘How you accomplish BIG things.”

Now, pick up the phone and go help someone.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl


PS. “People often ask me…” No they don’t.

PPS. If this helps and you want it to really sink in… GO TEACH IT to someone cause that’s the best way for you to learn it. A friend, your spouse, a prospect, a client etc…

*Don’t plagiarize my work like a lame arse.

PPPS. Marriages break up from lack of money… over lack of love X 100.

Business failures lead to destruction, addiction, depression, anxiety, suicides, and, unfortunately, far more.

As good business coaches, we save marriages, save families, save kids from self-destruction… we save lives!

A true life of purpose.

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