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One Thing: Day 803: AI. Dentist. Cons.

Day 803: AI. Dentist. Cons.

Last week we covered a lot of ground including dopamine and antidepressants as well as how the lady on TV was listing all these great things for me to do for fun… then I realized that it’s the religious channel and she was reading a list of sins.

Speaking of UFO sightings actually being billionaires from other planets checking us out…

Dave was down in the dumps after a date… here was our conversation:

Me: What’s wrong?

Dangerous Dave: My date was weeping so I wiped away her tears.

Me: What’s so bad about that?

Dangerous Dave: Half her eyebrows disappeared with them.

In other news…

The most difficult of business problems can almost always be solved with less than one hour of deep, focused, concentrated thinking.



‘AI and Dentists’

I have 8 fake teeth from getting punched out a lot playing hockey…

… my dad would tease me saying I had, ‘a big mouth and small fists.’

He’s not incorrect but I also never backed down.

Needless to say, dentists and I have a love-hate relationship.

I’m knee deep in research for a presentation I’m doing on how you can profit from artificial intelligence as a business coach and also how to leverage AI / educate your clients on the good, bad and ugly of what’s coming their way with AI.

Here are some pros and cons of artificial intelligence for dentists.

AI Positives for Dentists:

Automate routine tasks (Appointment scheduling, answer common questions, patient communication, management of medical records, analyze dental images etc…)

Reduce administration costs / workload

Aid in identifying dental issues easily, earlier, quicker and more accurately

AI powered dental tools will help with precision and accuracy of procedures

AI can look after simple cases, dentists can look after more difficult / more profitable cases

AI Negatives for Dentists

Initial costs to implement AI in Dental practice

Industry will lose some of its personal touch

Dentists will need to learn a new skill set which can be challenging, time consuming and costly

Increase Competition

Enable patients to use telemedicine / remote monitoring

Force local dentists to compete with large and more tech savvy companies

Could raise concerns around client privacy / sensitive medical info

So, if a dentist asked me what my thoughts are on AI coming to their industry…

This would be the bulk of my answer.

The dentist would likely be impressed and probably buy whatever I placed in front of them after I listed these in a confident way.

You heard it here first.

Now, pick up the phone and go help someone.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl



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