Colton’s Virginity and the Bachelor Finale

I didn’t see that one coming.

I called Hannah G but Cassie took down the double whammy. 

Both Colton’s virginity (Zoinx?!?) and the ex-Football players heart.

And he jumped an 8-foot fence. 

BTW how did Heather make it to 25 years on this planet and never get kissed…

Spin the bottle still not a thing anymore??

Love it or hate it… the trainwreck that is ‘The Bachelor’ has some of the loyalist followers of any TV show ever created. 

If you want a loyal following or to fill a room with a simple FB post… pay attention to what Chris Harrison and Bachelor Nation do.      

Like the successful marketing of your coaching business, The Bachelor is all about strategy.

The vast majority of contestants deploy one of three strategies:

1. Act like a lightweight and cater to Colton’s every whim (Kirpa).

2. Act like an A-hole in an attempt to become infamous (Catherine / Demi) since love is not what you showed up for anyway. Welcome to Bachelor in Paradise.

3. Be yourself and have some MOJO (Cassie, Tayshia, Hannah G). Genuine contestants with some personality make it towards the end and if they’re real lucky… starring in the following season of The Bachelorette and 25+ men fighting for your affection.

Your Business Coaching Company desperately needs strategy number 3.

Here are some marketing takeaways from Colton and his feisty tribe of ladies:

Create curiosity and excitement

The number one sales tool on the planet is curiosity.

Please write that down and make it the password on your phone so you never forget. 

The Bachelor hierarchy creates as much curiosity as they possibly can using previews at commercial breaks, sneak peeks of the final few (but you can’t quite make out who it is) and the most dramatic moments over and over again.

Billions, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and other cult shows do the exact same.

You should be doing this with your prospective coaching clients and creating as much curiosity as you possibly can.


You (asking business owner during a sales meeting/consultation): Do you have any joint venture partners?

Business owner: No (99% of the time this will be the answer).

You: OK good news I know the exact two best joint venture partners for you (very easy to work out in about 3 minutes of strategic thinking) to add about $300,000 of revenue over the next 365 days.

Business Owner: Wow, that sounds awesome.

You: **Move to next question (they’ll almost never ask who they are but they’re curious as heck and excited).

When I tell you “I can find any small business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising”… what emotion do you suddenly feel??

After I teach it to you (just ask – I’ve built software around the process) your high-end coaching prospects will hang on your every word afterward and start paying you what you’re worth. 

The multitude of others way to do this… works like magic for closing high end coaching clients.

Lesson: You should be building curiosity and excitement into everything you do.  BTW… here’s a beauty… if I ever want to get someone on the phone… I simply tell them “I’ve got an idea for you” (and yes, I will come up with an idea or ten for them).

Instant curiosity.

Another Example: Your prospect says “I need to speak to my wife/partner etc… about moving forward with you as my coach and paying you $2000 per month” after your consultation.

We both know you are pretty much never speaking to them again with that response.

Trick to get them on the phone is to say “I was thinking about XYZ from our last conversation…. And I’ve got a couple of ideas for you.” Or “I have been thinking about XYZ and I have a couple of ideas for you on how I can get you going profitably straight out of the gates.”

These will get your prospect back on the phone (Critical)… emailing and calling to ask “so does your wife want to go for it…?” will get you the equivalent of a drunk limo ride.   


Ever heard this in the exit interview “I didn’t open up soon enough” or “I struggle with being vulnerable.” 

Lack of meaningful conversations between them and the Bachelor pretty much guarantee a drunk limo ride.

Endearing gals communicated feelings, addressed concerns head-on without throwing others under the bus (that always gets you sent home Kirpa), listened to Colton and were interested in what he had to say.

Lesson: Be vulnerable, open and honest with your prospect. They do not expect you to be perfect.

Tony Robbins talks about having no food at Thanksgiving and an alcoholic Mother.

Brendan Bouchard about his car accident and how he lay there in a pool of blood saying “Did I Live?  Did I Love? Did I Matter?”

Grant Cardone lost his Dad when he was ten years old.

My big brother was an elite skier that committed suicide over a business failing.

What’s your story that you climbed up from and that makes you vulnerable??

One step at a time

The main reason we tune into The Bachelor is that we want to see how it ends.

Will Demi / Catherine (this season’s bad girls) or Caelynn (appeared to want to be Bachelorette more than she wanted Colton??) finally go home or is he still being fooled?

Who will he choose?

Chris Harrison did (does) an incredible job of building drama throughout the show that almost always ends in “the most dramatic ending ever.”

This one didn’t disappoint.

Those that go for the mushy stuff too early…. end up with a drunk limo ride.

Lesson: Follow the logical steps of your sales process.

If you do a live presentation and the goal is to get them to ‘a consultation’ as the close… then make the presentation and the testimonials (use testimonials) about the magic of ‘the consultation.’

Coaches often make the mistake of having testimonials during their presentation for a 12-month client relationship when the goal of the presentation was a ‘consultation.’ 

The end goal is to get a client but there are steps in between that must be followed correctly.

Be Authentic

Colton sometimes missed it but the other ladies in the house and the fans sniff out insincerity instantly.

The gals that articulate genuine thoughts and feelings stand out as relatable and trustworthy.

They also win.

Lesson: If you want business owners to fall in love with you and your coaching, you have to be real and authentic. 

Establish a character.

Make promises to get attention and keep your word.

Business coaches that only think of “their next sale”… do not last and wonder what happened.

Those that communicate solely to promote themselves and their ego are just painful.

The first impressions matter 

The most successful bachelorettes vying for attention know the first impression rose matters (prior to Colton picking Hannah G, the last three first impression roses have won) but don’t make jerks of themselves trying to win it at the expense of looking like an idiot.

Sloths, backflips, chicken suits, gold underpants, and wedding dresses have not yet yielded a single win in the 20+ seasons of the show.

Silly behavior and introductions earn a small amount of short term attention but Colton (and all other previous Bachelors) didn’t go for the Sloth. 

Lesson: The classy intros are polished, upbeat, personal, and informative. Similar to the contestants on the show.

As a business coach, you must be able to succinctly articulate the value you bring to the business owner.  

There’s a reason why “The Bachelor” is one of the longest running reality shows on TV.  So, take a few marketing lessons we learned from watching and find your inner Chris Harrison.

Would your business coaching company get the first impression rose?

More importantly… the final rose??

Local business owners need your help and will be willing to pay for it… If you position yourself properly.

Oh, before I go… Bachelorette will be coming soon. Gentlemen, please don’t cry in your parting message when you didn’t make it past night one.

How does that happen??

And before I get to alpha male on you… I’ve never missed a season haha.

Anyone else perplexed at the decision of Hannah B for Bachelorette…


Thanks for tuning in,

Karl Bryan