How To Get Coaching Clients Using Facebook / Linkedin / Social

Last week I got an unreal amount of feedback on my post re The Bachelor. It was loaded with some sales secrets.

This felt like the natural follow up.

If you want to generate more small business leads, close more coaching clients, have people attend your live events and basically make more money… then this is for you.

I have a saying… If you can sell you can’t coach and if you can coach you can’t sell.

Not 100% accurate but close.

Two reasons why most coaches struggle… 

  1. Fear
  2. Automation.

Let me explain.

Sales are about relationships, hard work and follow up.

Before you think about how to start a relationship, get an appointment, fill an event or close a coaching client… you need to think strategically and understand where your prospect actually is.

Where do your small business coaching clients spend their time?

BNI…? Chamber events…? Tradeshow…? LinkedIn…? Facebook? Facebook groups? Email? Twitter?  YouTube? The local sports game?

Where do their eyes and ears go?

The unbelievable ability to track on the internet allows you to truly “know” where your end consumer is and then react to that information to reach anyone at any time.

It doesn’t matter who they are or where you are.

95% of the time your customer is going to be searchable and accessible online.

FYI consumers now spend 10 hours in front of a screen and that half of that is on a mobile device. That black box has our attention. 

Especially while you poop.


The vast majority of coaches are not successful in sales simply because they’re not willing to work hard enough. And they love automation.

They live in fantasy land where all the tools like bots, auto-responders, apps and CRM’s are going to magically do the work for them. The reality is selling coaching is all about people.

You have to build relationships first. No app, bot or CRM is going to do that for you.

Real relationships take real time and effort.

You’re going to have to spend hours trying to interact, engage, and provide value in order to win.

You can search people by title or name, you can identify customers by geo-location, and or individuals who own local businesses in your area.   

The information is there but you must go online and figure it out. I’m as bullish as anybody on CRM’s and auto messages but those things are tools to help.

Not to replace the hard work.

Your emotional intelligence and your effort will win the coaching relationship.   

Social Media

My secret sauce for social media is research. 

Research takes (unpaid) effort.

Your clients are on FB groups and also posting about what they love, sports they play, where they’d like to holiday, what their interests are, or what they are trying to accomplish.

Find your prospects FB page and research what they post.

Sports, food, movies or music?

Start liking their content, replying, sharing, retweeting and trying to provide value.

They follow the New York Yankees and so do you? Comment about Aaron Judge the young 6’7” phenom and start the relationship.

At some stage (often sooner than you’d think) they click on your profile and see that you help local business owners generate leads, increase profits and take their business to the next level… 


Please don’t promote “Leadership” as what you do in your profile… unless you want to have a very lonely social media page.

No one wakes up and says “GEE… I know what I need… I need to learn leadership today. Who can I call??”   


Doesn’t happen won’t happen please stop it regardless of what John Maxwell says HA HA “Transformation” is as equally ridiculous. Stop that too.

Bottom line goes at them soft, provide them legit value and build a relationship. I couldn’t count the number of coaches that reach out to me as a result of subtle value I provide on FB comments for no charge.

I’ve tracked coaches, followed their progress, engaged, liked, commented and replied, built a relationship over a 2 to 6 month period by providing insane amounts of free value… and ended up with a relationship.

Don’t tell my wife, please.

Said differently…. provide so much complimentary help that you guilt them into buying.

It will change your game! Stop being fearful. Stop focusing on automation rather than relationship capital. Stop promoting leadership and transformation.

Start changing lives positively.

The End.