Lombardi, Green Bay Packers And Your Mistake

My last post was an interview between Shaun White and Tony Robbins where they discussed Shaun’s ONE DECISION that elevated him to an iconic snowboarder.

Vince Lombardi  

Here I’m going to talk about what made the man they named The Super Bowl after, so great. And how it’ll help you close coaching clients on steroids.   

In 1959 Vince Lombardi took over as head coach of the Green Bay Packers. He became what most refer to as the greatest football coach of all time.

The Packers won only one game the previous season and hadn’t had a winning season in over a decade. They sucked.

He opened his first team meeting with a stern, “Gentlemen, I have never been on a losing team and I don’t intend to start now with you guys.”

He followed that by holding the ball high up in the air stating to his group of professional football players “Gentlemen, this is a football.”

He’d be the first to tell you that strategy is important… but the key to success in anything is mastering the basics.

He demanded his star players practice the fundamentals of catching, blocking and tackling.

He dedicated countless hours to perfecting each and every part of every play.

In their first game together, they beat The Chicago Bears 10-6 and ended the season with a winning record of 7 wins and 5 losses.

The following season, 8 wins and 4 losses, winning the Western Conference title and they played for the Super Bowl.

They lost to the Philadelphia Eagles but it’d be an understatement to call it an impressive 2-year turnaround.

In season three they went 11 and 3 and pounded the New York Giants 37 – 0 in their second trip to the Super Bowl. 

In 10 years with Vince Lombardi at the helm, he had a winning record of 35 and 6 with multiple Super Bowl wins.

Lombardi didn’t start with new players when he took over

He didn’t run a bunch of tricky plays to fool the opposition.

The Packers defeated teams using a straight forward and methodical system. The secret to his success was executing the basics to near perfection. 

In business, it’s tempting to look for trickery and to forget about executing the fundamentals. The basics of selling small business coaching are to simply sell the business owner money at a discount.

If I had a $20 bill in my hand…

… and you had a $10.

And if I asked you to trade?

Your subconscious mind would immediately protect you looking for the catch/risk… once you realized it’s for real, you’d jump at the chance to trade me. When you miss out because you’re too slow… you’d hope like hell I’d do it again.

This gets played out in a live event all the time where once the first person runs for the stage… the rush comes only for them all to miss out.

Social proof at its finest! Very few get this right. Business coaches over-complicate what they’re selling and confuse their prospects. And they don’t include social proof.

Any marketing campaign I create for a successful business coach that needs high end coaching clients instantly… and for me to help them knock it out of the park….

Has a core message of

Money at a discount…

…backed up by social proof. You want them to come to your live event…?

Money at a discount.

You want them to meet with you one to one..?

Money at a discount.

You want to get them on the phone?

Money at a discount.

You want them to take on your high-end coaching..?

Money at a discount.

You want them to buy a $97 membership to your website/video series..?

Money at a discount.

You want them to opt-in to your drip campaign?

Money at a discount.

This is why I created the business coach training that allows you to “Find any business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising.” It’s like candy from a baby once you learn the magic of how I do it. 

Business coaches that use my online tools and software have business owners running in their direction to find them $100k… social proof on steroids.

To ‘perfect the process’ I created profit acceleration software to do it for you. My new 2.0 version of my software will be done shortly and will be insane.

The hammer down close my business coaches use after completing the simple process is 8 words long:

“So, do you want some help with that..?”


Imagine closing a high-end coaching client being that easy for you.

Every one of my business coaches (we’re now in 24 countries) joins my private FB group where they all help and support one another.

And if my online coaching system and internet lead generation process didn’t work… and we weren’t delivering at the highest level… connecting all of my clients on FB would be business suicide.

The opposite happens.

They can all see the coaches following the system… they’re filling live events, filling webinars, getting appointments, small business owners running to the front of the room and closing high end coaching clients.

Living their dream.

Leave a comment if you’re curious about how we do it and what online tools and software are provided. Too happy to help.

I’ll trade you a $20 for a $10?

Obsessed with your success,


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PPS. I created a process and profit acceleration software that finds any small business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising. If you’d like to learn my process… Leave a comment and I’ll show you how.