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Tony Robbins and Shaun White interview

A little test for you… and a KILLER interview you need to listen to.

They make excuses, we make calls.

They complain, we fill live events.

They lobby for change, we create change.

They consume social media, we are their social media.

They buy the coaching programs, we create the coaching programs. 

They didn’t because of discrimination, discrimination is the reason we did.

They click on our ads, we buy the ads.

They have no money, we have their money.

They borrow, we build.

They watch the videos, we create the videos.

They beg for change, we beg them to change.

They’re held up for a reason, I’m the reason I’m held up.

They whine, we work.


They or We

Are you “they” or “we”? Good news… if you’re a “they” you can become a “we” with one decision. 

Speaking of the power of one decision… I heard an interview this week between Shaun White and Tony Robbins.

Shaun White is an iconic Snowboarder who has won a record number of Olympic gold and X-Games gold medals for his sport … on the surface his journey appears to be one of success from ground zero with little to no bumps along the way.

That isn’t the case and he unveils the one decision he made that propelled him to greatness. 

Its an absolute must listen for those looking to take life to the next level. 

Listen here:


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