ONE THING: DAY 10: NEW Cutie Patootie, Full Tip Jars and Money

Day 10: NEW Cutie Patootie, Full Tip Jars and Money

Ok talking about Business Coaches making hordes of money for restaurant owners for two days made me hungry… ideally, I should segway into water, hydration and exercise but naahh… too boring.

If you have an 18-year-old boy in the family I’m about to get him a super-hot date. Maybe more. His pimples won’t matter.

Your ONE THING is using social proof effectively.

Have your 18-year-old boy go to the local café.

My guess is there’s a pretty 18-year-old girl working behind the counter. If there’s not, tell him to go to the next one and he’ll find a little cutie patootie shortly.

For any snowflakes… feel free to pretend I said “gender neutral” if the assumption of a girl working at the café is too much for you. I know you’re out there and just fuming at me :o)

Back to finding cutie patootie.

She has a tip jar at the register. It’s likely colored (can’t see into it, like a coffee cup) and almost empty. Her strategy is to empty it multiple times per day to ensure we think she’s broke and needs the money.

Her goal is obvious, to maximize tips (profits).

She doesn’t know it but her strategy sucks and is costing her more tips than she’s getting.

Handsome boy: “Hey this is going to sound crazy but firstly, you have got the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen…. Secondly do you mind if I ask you a question?”

Pretty girl: Blushes…. “Thank you and ya, sure.”

Handsome boy: “If I can double your tips in 7 days will you agree to go to the movies with me next Sunday at 7pm?”

Pretty girl: “Ummm… are you serious about the double tip thing and how are you going to do that?”

Handsome boy: Yes, I am dead serious. Do we have a deal on the movie if I can double your tips?

I’m not a stalker I’m just really good at business and you’re beautiful and I’d be honored if you’d accompany me to a movie. In fact, I’ll give it to you anyway but I’d really like to spoil you next Sunday.”

Pretty girl: “Do tell Mr. Handsome business guy.”

Handsome boy: INSERT MOJO ”Do this. Make that tip jar see through, as in a glass and make it a decent size, like a beer glass.

In the morning when you get here fill it 75% to the top and make sure there are a couple five-dollar bills showing in the middle. Keep skimming it throughout the day to remain 75% – 90% full.

Your tips will double in 7 days.

The end.

No need to report back whether it doubled your tips, cause I know it will. I’ll pick you up outside here at 6pm on Sunday.

You won’t regret it.”

End of story.

You’re welcome 18 year old handsome boy.

To be continued tomorrow….

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Obsessed with your business coaching success,

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PS. In my single days I may, or may not, have used a similar strategy where pretty ladies remove clothing for a living?!

Lucky I was never one to kiss and tell so you’ll never know :o)

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