ONE THING: DAY 11: Cutie Patootie Part 2

Day 11: Cutie Patootie Part 2

Now that our kids are all off the market and cutie patooties are making a ton of tip money…. Lets move along.

I’ll continue on social proof and how most coaches totally get it wrong.

Here’s the application for a business coach and how it gets messed up equally horrifically.

A business coach is talking / emailing a prospect and says:

‘That’s amazing, I’m available any time this week… what works best for you?’

And they say it like they’re excited by not having anything to do and this impressive empty schedule.

Please hit the “X” buzzer sound, Alex Trebek.

Can you imagine speaking to Steve Jobs… him agreeing to an appt (that would be impressive given he’s no longer here but roll with it) and saying:

“Golly Gee that would be amazing I’m available anytime this week for you, what works??”

Umm, not likely.

Then he’d make you reschedule for positioning and keep you guessing.

I remember speaking to Jay Abraham way back in 2004 when I lived in Australia. He sent me an appt with some obscure time to meet.

He wasn’t available when he told me to call. Then they gave me a different time… took three cracks and I finally got him.

He finalized a deal with me to help with his Australian tour… then he sent an email to confirm details and at the bottom it said:

“If this is no longer of interest, feel free to disregard entirely.”

I was like ‘What the HELL is he talking about?’ We just agreed on the deal ten minutes ago and he was as excited as I was.

It was ‘positioning’.

To this day I use that same verbiage all the time.

I don’t do it for positioning (unfortunately I’m not that smart) … I do it cause I get over 150 emails per day and I simply don’t want to speak to anyone that doesn’t want to speak to me.


You need to portray BUSY AS HELL and tough to catch.

Here’s what I used to do when filling hundreds of live events with rooms full of small business owners.

At the end of my events you’d walk to the back of the room where my secretary (she was an attractive lady which wasn’t by accident and increased my conversions) would be and pick a time on my calendar.

She would ensure a prospect booking a time would see my calendar and it was part of the process.

It was 75% to 90% full with blocked appointments.

The red ones were real and the other colors were not. The untrained eye would look at this multi-colored schedule and say “wow this guy has a lot going on”.

The number of times I’ve seen a similar situation and the calendar was empty for the prospect to see… would blow your mind.

BTW just to confuse you… in an ideal world you want to do appointments in the same week as your seminar.

Tuesday is the best day for your seminar and then you have Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday to Friday to book appointments in the same week.

The ideal situation is where it appears to be an exception and that it’s a miracle you’re able to meet this week.

Therefore… yesterday I explained why it’s a very pricey strategy to have an empty colored glass for a tip jar. It’s equally pricey to have an empty calendar.

McDonalds didn’t put “Over 1 Billion Served” on the sign by accident.

If they served 1 billion burgers you should probably go grab one too?

And you did. So did I.

Social proof on steroids.

And next time a prospect asks “Can we catch up this week?”

You need position yourself like you’re super busy but will find time to slot them in. And you’ll likely need to move other appointments to make it work.

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It’s 1am. Good night…. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Is it over yet??

Obsessed with your business coaching success,
King Karl

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