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One Thing: Day 109: Billionaire’s Stupid Advice

Day 109: Billionaire’s Stupid Advice

Last week I was explaining how I study billionaires and billion-dollar Unicorns…. And the primary thing I learned from the incomparable, self-made, $100 billion dollar man, Ray Dalio.

In a nutshell, you need to consider second and third level consequences and when you do your coaching clients will instantly start making significantly better decisions.

I also talked about hot models, private jets, Rolls Royce’s, hot fudge and ice cream. 

Hugh Hefner eat your heart out. 


Today’s ONE THING is also advice from a billionaire about effective decision making and it’s that…

Your coaching client’s 2 biggest barriers to good decision-making are:

  1. Their ego
  2. See rule number 1

That wasn’t a typo. 

It’s mandatory that you keep your ego in check and most will tell you that meditation is a valuable resource.

Not replying or reacting for 24 hours is also a worthy exercise.

If that’s too much to handle start where I did by counting to ten and taking some deep breaths :o)

Here’s a BEAUTY of an example I was given from a guy worth a mint.   

Hopefully, you understand golf. 

If not, all you need to know is that a triple bogey is a horrific score (3 over par on one hole) for a decent golfer on an individual hole.

Billionaire: “Karl, want me to tell you what a triple bogey is?”

Me: Haha “Yes, let me hear it.”

Billionaire: “A triple bogey is a bad shot followed by a stupid shot.”

Me: HAHAHAHA “Got it Boss and thank you for insanely valuable tip.”


Think, accidentally hitting behind a branchy tree and then thinking on your next shot you can get it through the branches to make up for the previous bad shot. 

Hint: You inevitably end up with a second shot behind the branchy tree. 

Hence the triple bogey.

The solution is to accept the ‘bad shot’, regroup… hit the ball safely into the middle of the fairway…. And move along with your bogey (one over par) and damage control the one bad shot.

Like last week when I told you a joke in the PS about my wife’s gym membership that wasn’t working… she was getting prepared to actually show up in person to see what was going on and get answers (bad shot)…  she read it and says:

 ‘Please explain’??

Apparently, the response ‘Everyone thought it was funny’ was a stupid shot and landed me a double bogey.


I’m a work in progress. 

Ever had that happen in business and ended up with a “triple bogey” with a client (child, spouse, friend)?

Stop following up your bad shots with stupid shots. 

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl 

PS. If you think nobody cares that you’re alive, try missing a couple of payments. 

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