ONE THING: Day 2: Your NEW Clients / Jim Carrey The Man on The Moon

Day 2: Your NEW Clients / Jim Carrey The Man on The Moon

The secret of my business coaches that do multiple six-figures and my Unicorns that achieve $1 million-dollar coaching practices is below…

BTW My Epstein and Hillary comments from Friday spiraled quickly. LOL

I appreciated a lot of emails, private messages, calls and comments on what my opinions should be moving forward. As long as I agree with their opinion… I’m good.

Therefore, in the interest of Peace on Earth, Monica Lewinsky’s life wasn’t ruined by Bill Clinton while he was President of the USA and she was a 21-year-old intern. I love Hilary’s green pantsuits and they’re insanely flattering.

And Epstein, he only enjoyed the company of mature adults.

Threats, retracted?

Pretty please.


Ok, as many of you noted I’m a busy guy supporting over 700 online business coaches in 24 countries… I’m not looking for a new project, new email in my already, gulp worthy, overflowing inbox nor an extra phone call.

So why the heck am I doing a post a day with my ONE THING to help you, and your clients, go to the moon and above with your coaching business?

There are lots of actors in Hollywood.

Very few getting paid well.

Why do so many struggle for acting gigs and starve?

The Truth: They aren’t that good.

Their strategy then consists of attending more auditions rather than advancing their acting skills like that is going to solve their real problem.

Reality is they want to “be an actor” cause they think it’s cool or that they can get grossly overpaid if they finally crack it…

They aren’t OBSESSED with nailing the role.

When, fellow Canadian, Jim Carrey played Andy Kaufman in ‘Man on the Moon’ (great flick), he stayed in character for the duration of filming.

The guy in the $800 commercial just isn’t doing that.

There are plenty of business coaches….

The truth: Most aren’t that good.

Yet, every day, like clockwork, I have a new coach coming to me asking “Can you help me generate small business leads and get NEW coaching clients…?”

The answer is a definitive, YES.

But, can you (are you willing!!) keep the client and positively change their life disproportionately to the coaching fees they pay you?

I remember in 2005 riding in the passenger seat of a realtor’s car to intimately understand the role and best help her take it up 12 levels and accomplish her wildest financial ‘realtor dreams’ and more.

Plus, she was pretty cute so I figured, what the hell.

Remember, it costs 22 times as much to get a new coaching client as it does to a keep a current one.

Need to eat some humble pie and get some of my training??

Welcome to acting school over the next month… I’ll deliver ONE THING in your inbox that’ll help you and your small business clients fill your bank account.

If you follow my advice every day for the next month, I GUARANTEE to make you and your clients a lot of money.

Share this with someone that would make a great business coach (sales / motivational type or an annoyed executive) or one that needs some insanely powerful help and direction to get more coaching clients.

If you share it… I’ll wear one of those sexy green pantsuits and send you a pic.

I’ll make it OH SO WORTH IT.

Tomorrow I’ll send “the most successful internet marketing campaign for coaches” that I’ve ever done. Watch for it.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,
King Karl

The man with the house on the hill with, unfortunately, no belly button.

P.S. Share this with someone that would make a great business coach or one that needs some insanely powerful help and direction.

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