ONE THING: Day 3: Converting Online Traffic with “NEW”

Day 3: Converting Online Traffic with “NEW”

Yesterday I explained my ONE THING and that you might want to join Jim Carrey in acting school before you audition to play, highly eccentric, Andy Kaufman in The Man On The Moon.

I need to “take a break from our regularly scheduled programming for an important announcement…”

A friend of mine was diagnosed with brain cancer last week and having emergency surgery today. He just got engaged to Monica and my wife will be the maid of honor.

Last night I was doing magic tricks for my daughter and her buddy, Polly (I asked Polly to call me by my stage name “Handsome Daddy” and she does. My daughter refuses and calls me “Poop Daddy” as my stage name LOL).

I was getting frustrated while practicing (cause I’m terrible at it LOL) and then realized… I’m frustrated over picking up a glass with a rope and my friend is preparing for brain surgery tomorrow and a very real chance he doesn’t pull through. When he does (positive thinking) his reality will be a tough one with long road.

A very weird sensation of “not knowing how I feel about that” washed over me. Was incredible and I kind of have it again as I write this.

I’m truly so grateful for you reading this, my health, my families health, my cognitive abilities and my blessed life.


If you could say a prayer for my boy, Steve Bennion, that would be super appreciated.

Today I’m going to explain the best marketing promotion for coaching I ever did and how to get high-end coaching clients falling off a log.

Amongst my campaigns I’ve had some 7-figure home runs.

Back in the day I did more “traditional” internet marketing.

Driving traffic to landing pages and plugged people into membership sites for $97 per month. I created what’s called a “free plus shipping with forced continuity” offer and it was insanely profitable.

Also came with some unadvertised headaches.

Hello Visa and Mastercard merchant services shutting me down twelve different times and Paypal freezing $337,237.24, not that I was counting, of my hard-earned money while my pissed off affiliates waited to get paid for a killer promotion I created.

I just got a twitch thinking about it.

Your ONE THING is as follows:

The worst performing internet marketing promotion I’ve ever done is “improvement” …

The worst performing offer you’ll ever do is “improvement” and they’re also the most common by a country mile.

So if this is you, please stop it.

The BEST is always “new insights / new opportunities”.

NEW being the operative word.

Therefore, when attracting and converting a coaching client don’t tell them you’ll help improve their revenues / profits / marketing / leads / staffing issues etc…

Explain what will be BRAND SPANKING NEW AND EXCITING as a result of working with you.

You still “deliver” improvement when you coach them…. it’s just not what they will “click through” nor provide their credit card for.

My best performing internet marketing “hook” (all campaigns need a HOOK – but
seldom have one) when I did traditional internet marketing / driving traffic… was this:
“How I Generated 250 Hot NEW Coaching Leads In 90 Days Using Google”

And as part of the same sequence, I did:
“How I Earned $187,00 In My First 9 Months Online As A Coach.”

This was well over a decade ago and these plugged in hundreds of members into my membership sites at $97 per month with organic upsells.

Let me give you an example.

I build 6-figure business coaching practices with my clients, ideally, we build multiple 6 figure coaching practices together. And my Unicorns hit 7-figures.

Therefore when the 700+ business coaches in 24 countries that work with us get the following.

BTW this is our version of “The App Store” for business coaches and I listed it the other day and it won’t be a recurring theme… it’s just insanely relevant for positioning “NEW” as a coach:

  • The membership site (52 week step by step video / audio and workbooks) and Online Business Academy I create for you and the recurring revenue / passive income of $100 per month per member the “broke folks” pay will pay you.
  • I’ve filled over 400 local live events. Live Event Mastery where I have a process for filling your local live events… falling off a log. HARD WORK but bullet proof if you want to do live events consistently and enjoy the spoils they provide (becoming a local legend).
  • The small business / marketing book I write for you and you become an author in 30 days
  • The 200 hours of instructional video I provide to save you a HOARD of “coaching time” (time for money) that allows you to be more “implementation” vs “education” with your coaching.
  • My software that finds your small business clients / prospects $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising.
  • My community of over 700 successful business coaches that help you
  • The annual live event in Cancun, Mexico we bring you to
  • My private FB group with all our clients
  • The “turnkey marketing systems” in 125 categories of business that we pre created for your small business clients. Imagine having a $50,000 marketing system for a chiropractor (or any other category of business)… and then sitting down to sell a Chiropractor a $2,000 per month ($24,000 per year) coaching program. I’m bad at math but pretty sure that’s a $48,000.00 DISCOUNT on day one if they agree to hire you. Plus the marketing system works and is done for you. Talk about your ability scale!! I have coaches that have a team of over 50 business coaches under them.
  • The 52 blog articles I’ve created for our business coaches
  • The 52 video blog articles I’ve created for business coaches that we populate on your website each month (can you say “do not lift a finger”?).
  • The 1 hour pre-positioning video I created for our business coaches to DISTURB your business owner (say “instant conversion to high end coaching client”) before closing them on coaching.
  • The training so you can use my process of finding $100,000 in 45 minutes for any business owner you site with without them having to spend an extra dollar on marketing or adverting.
  • Social Media Training created for you and your small business owners in a 12 part video series
  • And so, so MUCH MORE…

No doubt you can see how this would be tempting and of interest for a coach looking to generate leads and get NEW high-end coaching clients.

Not to mention “results” for the small business folk.

Bottom line… STOP talking improvement and START TALKING “NEW”.

It’ll skyrocket your performance.

When a coach works with me, we train them to do this:

“How to find any small business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising.”

That becomes their much needed “HOOK” and it works falling off a log if you’ve got some mojo when speaking to a coaching prospect.

How can a small business owner say no to that pitch?? How can a JV (accountant as example) say no to offering that to their prospects?

It’s HARD WORK btw… but it’s like a super power once I’ve trained you on it and you can deliver it as your elevator pitch.

Importantly, your ONE THING is that “improvement” will perform badly as a coaching promotion (that doesn’t mean you don’t deliver improvement once they start paying you) and your best promotions will be “new insights / new opportunities”.

And…. I need to make these shorter or I’ll never get them done LOL. This is only day three of my thirty-day challenge… t’s 2am, I’m in my PJ’s (can you say “hot”!!) and my wife is going to kill me.

Speak to you tomorrow with your ONE THING.

No idea what I’ll say but I need some sleep!


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Obsessed with your business coaching success,
King Karl

You don’t have a client problem.

You don’t have a money problem.

You have a refusal to help people before they pay you problem.

That’s the problem.

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