One Thing: Day 203: My 2020 Research and Trends

Day 203: My 2020 Research and Trends

Last week I finished up talking about the MATH required to keep high end coaching clients paying you for many years.

Good math will equal good retention.

About ten days ago I said this:

“The view of ‘the entire playing field’ dictates soon there will be no more Police.

Who would possibly be stupid enough to want that job?”

Then I read this on the weekend which was a little quicker than I would have anticipated.

‘NYPD sees 49% increase in retirement since George Floyd unrest.’

If it’s happening there it’s happening elsewhere and this should scare the CRAP out of you.

Holy smokes.

Support your Law Enforcement, as a whole, or get ready for a nightmare.  

Guess what, it’s not the rookies that are retiring.



‘My Research On Consumer Purchase Behavior’

I pride myself on ‘seeing the entire playing field.’

In fact, I told you recently it’s the Ultimate Competitive Advantage… and it is.

With that said I thought it might make sense to help you with some of the research I’ve done and what I’ve found.

This will adjust slightly depending upon where you live.

Example: Utah is very different from New York right now.

  • 100 million people in the USA have adjusted their buying values within 90 days (that’s mind-blowing).
  • The least converting messaging for online engagement is around ‘Achievement. Entertainment, and Influence.’ *120 days ago these three were amongst the highest.
  • The most engagement is around the wording / messaging “trust, safety, and security.”
  • 76% are more worried about their finances than their health.
  • 31% and climbing do not believe that life is going back to normal for more than a year
  • Live events like Sports, Church, Movie Theatres, and Entertainment will be the last to normalize.
  • Industries required to have reduced capacity for the foreseeable future are Travel, Hotels, Restaurants, Commercial Real Estate, and Retail.
  • The research clearly states people pretend they don’t care about a vaccine but they anxiously wait for it and only this (whether they take it or not) will allow us to get back to normal (don’t shoot the messenger).
  • More than ever before people are looking to their government for help around safety nets like healthcare, welfare, unemployment, jobs, etc… (good luck with that one, they’re waterskiing).

Lastly and super importantly:

Buying and supporting local is extremely important.

Make sure that your clients are taking advantage of this trend and also using the above messaging in their scripts/marketing/advertising.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. If we move towards a ‘Lack of Police’ to patrol the streets the ‘entire playing field’ view shows me you’ll want to start a lock and security company. They’ll be very busy and very necessary, unfortunately.

You might also want to start selling guns.  

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