One Thing: Day 29: Simon Cowell and Feeling ‘Au Natural’

Day 29: Simon Cowell and Feeling ‘Au Natural’

Yesterday I was explaining the importance of EYEBALLS and how “value” online comes in two forms.

1.     Entertainment

2.     Education

Entertainment is stuff like being good looking (lucky for me I’m a solid 8 rolling out of bed. Short, fat, incredibly pale but over confident), funny, charismatic, strange, contrarian, shock value etc…

You thought Simon Cowell was a jerk on American Idol… then he left the show and it was never the same. Being contrarian and a little opinionated might not feel ‘au natural’… but it’ll get you a lot more EYEBALLS.

Howard Stern agrees.


The ‘education’ part is how we’ll create an insanely effective 30 minutes on social media for you.

Create a new document and call it ‘Instant Client Social Media Posts’.

You’re going to research clever ways of providing solutions for business owners and turn them into templates. These templates are what you’ll post online multiple times per day, in multiple groups with your target audience.

Example areas business owners need to be educated in would be:

  1. Upsell and Cross sell
  2. Downsell
  3. Financials
  4. Creating a powerful marketing message
  5. Alliances and joint ventures
  6. Internet Marketing
  7. Drip Campaign
  8. Additional Products and Services
  9. Bundling
  10. Price Elasticity (Increase price)
  11. Cutting Costs

These just happen to be eleven (24 in total) of the key areas the 2.0 version of my Profit Acceleration Software dissects and subsequently creates a step by step roadmap / document for you and your coaching client to find and realize CASH.

Write a short blurb (yes, this will take a little work) on each of the above topics.

An example of what I would create in my ‘Instant Client Social Media Posts’ for upsell / cross sell could be this below… and notice I wrote the below template in a way that disrupts the reader (mistakes they can make) versus in a style that talks about how amazing everything is / will be.

Careful not to upsell.

Cross selling and upselling are two different animals.  Your failure to understand the difference between the two can derail your ability to close high end sales and also make it difficult to train your sales staff.

Upselling is encouraging an existing client to buy a more expensive product than the one they’re purchasing, or to buy ‘upgrades’ and additional features.

Think of an airline offering seats with extra leg room or car manufactures that offer upgrades on features like power windows or upgraded rims / wheels.

Or the 16-year-old McDonalds staff member asks you “Do you want me to super-size that?”

Cross-selling is entirely different. It’s the process of getting your new client to supplement their purchase with a complimentary product.

British airways do this offering customers the opportunity to book hotels and car rental when they buy a flight.

Or McDonalds famous and VERY profitable question “Do you want fries with that?”

Create copy like this for all of the areas where you help business owners (I gave you 11 examples above – choose yours).  

Create your own unique copy, it’s really not that hard and if need be…. hire someone to help you.

Join groups on FB / LI etc… BNI discussion groups, Chamber groups, Tony Robbins groups. Tim Ferriss groups Gary Vaynerchuk, Dentists, Chiropractors, Builders, Landscapers, etc….

There are tens of thousands of discussion forums for business owners all over the internet you can join and monetize.

Spend your time where business owners are the most active. If the group is not active dismiss yourself entirely to make best use of your time and minimize notifications.

When you see a post in the group / forum where anything “upsell / downsell” is related, or could be… post the above copy and customize it slightly, in 2 minute or less, for the specific discussion.

Do that for the other 10 areas I listed and you’ll be a VERY popular contributor on the discussion board.

People will start tagging you and asking for your opinion when a subject arises that they see you as an expert in.

You’re welcome.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

King Karl

PS. You do not have a money problem. You do not have a client problem. You have a refusal to help people before they pay you problem. That’s the PROBLEM. 


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