One Thing: Day 30: The Most Dramatic Ending Ever…

Day 30: The Most Dramatic Ending Ever…   

Yesterday your ONE THING was how you can create powerful and contrarian social media posts by just adding water.

Betty Crocker would be impressed with all your new EYEBALLS.

To be clear and so I can sleep tonight… social media is a LONG TERM play for you that requires strategy. Do not expect to jump on social media today and then magically get coaching clients tomorrow.

Won’t happen.

The guy selling you the “Instant coaching clients in just 7 minutes using Social Media” will be disappointed so please don’t tell him it was me that let you in on the inside secret ¯\_()_/¯


We had an internal team meeting today and we were talking about the social media lead generation portion of our new certification process for high end business coaches. All being built around the new 2.0 version of our Profit Acceleration Software. 

Today your ONE THING is avoiding the number one mistake other coaches make on social media.

Stop joining and spending all your time in groups where other coaches hang out and prattle on about lotsa nothing.

Join one or two FB groups (mine!) that provide VALUE, be active within those groups and turn the others off.

Sounds so simple but if you’re active on social media I almost guarantee you’re making this mistake.

I repeat:

Stop joining and spending all your time in groups where other coaches hang out and prattle on about lotsa nothing.

Spend your time in groups / forums where your target market has their EYEBALLS.

The groups where business owners are active…. As per yesterday’s email, provide an insane amount of value to the other members through regular posts and templated (VALUABLE) comments. 

Good news is there’s only two ways to provide value online:

  1. Educate
  2. Entertain

Not sure what to say…?

Tell them you know a short, fat, pale guy that used to play hockey and has no belly button.

That’ll start the conversation! lol

Tomorrow If I can stay awake long enough (which, at this stage I can’t guarantee) I’m going to give you my 100% bullet-proof, take it straight-to-the-bank, do not pass go, here’s your get-out-of-jail-free-card, you’re about to put hotels on both Park Place and Boardwalk, guaranteed to ‘DOUBLE YOUR social media engagement’ strategy.

Chris Harrison thinks that was the most dramatic ending to one of my emails… Ever!


Obsessed with your business coaching success,

King Karl

PS. When Tom Brady, Serena Williams, Roger Federer or any other elite professional athlete train… they work so hard it would blow your mind.

To the point of total and utter exhaustion.

And that exhaustion isn’t nearly as bad as the fifth set tie breaker against an angry foe desperate to say they beat the best of the best.

How hard did you work your lead generation and coaching business today?

Hopefully you were so busy you don’t know what day it is.

Or, did you hide behind your computer, stare at the phone, check Facebook 12 times and experience pain?

Missed a day? Get them all here.

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