One Thing: Day 338: Momma’s Eulogy / A Dreamy Business

Day 338: Momma’s Eulogy / A Dreamy Business

Last week I finished up telling you about a girl that used to play Strip Scrabble with me…

Great news was that she wasn’t very good at spelling.

I’m thinking after Brady’s performance last night Giselle might have entertained a game of Strip Scrabble with Tom.


In other news…

You are not your circumstances, you are your choices.



“Jeff Bezos Advice for His Predecessor and Mommas Eulogy”

From a business standpoint, I could not be a bigger fan of Jeff Bezos…. He is a GENIUS when it comes to business.

I love Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Marc Benioff, Marc Cuban, and other business gurus…

But, in the end, Jeff Bezos will leave them, all for dead, in my opinion.

Here’s his advice to his predecessor, Andy Jassy. now that he is stepping down as CEO of Amazon.

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Double Anyhoo…

I spoke at Mommas funeral on Saturday and here is my part of the eulogy that I delivered.

Such an honor and such a spectacular woman.

Many of you knew her as Shery, Cheryl, Mrs. Kueber.

But to so many… we knew her as Momma or just Mom.

I had a tough time when I was 16 years old…

My big brother passed away.

My Mom lost her way and my family kinda fell apart.

In a nutshell, I needed some support, help, and guidance and it was Momma that stepped in and provided that safe space and safe environment for me.

I’m not talking about Friday nights…

I’m talking… Christmas mornings, birthdays, and a kick in the pants Monday morning when sleep felt like a better alternative to school.

She also gave me a full-time job in the summer…

Not to mention she also gave me, Dino, Kim, and Russ…

Dino has always been like a big brother to me and would kick Russ’s butt, fart on his head anytime I asked him to. Which was often. Pretty wild that he could fart on demand.

And there is nothing I enjoy more than our annual fishing trip, with Russ, Dino and I…

Russ and I show up with no fishing rods, no tackle, and no fishing know how.  Just raw enthusiasm and willingness to laugh at pretty much anything.

Kim… well I wore her shorts as underwear for all of high school and would blow-dry my hair in her room every morning while she was still trying to sleep… when she got up out of bed, unplugged the blow dryer, and starting swearing… I knew that was my queue to leave the room immediately.

You can’t get any more brother/sister than that.

Russ, who has been my best friend since I was 8 years old and has been there for me every time I ever needed him. Which unfortunately for me has been an impressive amount.

We shared a bed, which scares some people, shared an unwashed towel which scares people, and often shared a toothbrush which simply freaks people out.

We played hockey together, football together, skied together, we played together, partied together, got in trouble together, grew up together and had more crazy funny silly times than either of us could ever count.

She didn’t just give me a safe place…

She gave me my family.

One that I so badly needed but also craved.

She saw, knew, and supported that for me.

Three Momma moments I am grateful for were getting pictures at mine and Tammi’s wedding, introducing her to my baby girl Saje for the first time, and the look on her face the day we surprised her when I finally came home from Australia.

And of course, I can’t not mention our annual Hutterite week where we all live under one roof for a week and share good times laughs, and just enjoy one another’s silliness.

The photos on the PPT can attest to how amazing of a woman she was…

Dressed as a goalie stopping pucks.

Dressed as Santa Claus.

Dressed like she’s ready to ride a bucking bronco at the Stampede.

She has three kids and I was lucky enough to be her adopted son.

That says so much more about her, than me….

There are so many that signed the board as My Second Mom, Momma, Neal Bantleman calls her his Alberta Mom… George his “Canadian Mom”

She loved and treated Leanne, Erin, Laura, Neil, and George like her own kids and there are many more….

She made sure the door was always open… she didn’t care if you were tall, short, black, brown, or blue… we were all welcome.

You could be drunk for that matter…

She WOULD give you that sideways look and say “Guy…” with a look of disappointment that said “Get your act together”

But she made sure you knew you had a safe place to do it.

Lots here know Momma better than others …

But I think we can all agree you didn’t need to know Momma very well to fall in love her, fall in love with her passionate nature, and fall in love with her obvious zest for the simple things in life.

She’s possibly the most nonjudgmental person to ever walk the Earth.

When my wife Tammi met her, she said it was almost scary how comfortable she made her feel.

Her roommate at Carewest, Lorraine, was like a long-lost soul sister and is here today… and so many of the Dr’s and nurses were crushed to hear her news,

Her Super Power was to LOVE DEEPLY, she taught all her kids to do it and she definitely led by example in that department.

Her kids were the benefactors.

Hard to express what she meant to her kids and those that thought of themselves as her kids… but the sheer grip and feeling of “absence” make the words I’d say moot

No matter how bad the screw up…

Russ missing Mothers Day lunch… otherwise known as ‘The Mothers Day Massacre….’

Dino:  Throwing Darts at Russ’s head and dressing Kim in goalie gear to practice his slap shot

Kim: Accidently putting lip stick in her pocket while walking out of Market Mall… or throwing house parties that resulted in a slightly decreased home value

Momma had a unique and gentle way of teaching us important and needed life lessons we cherish and walk with everyday.

If we can take anything from this moment its that she taught us all to live life to the fullest, love deeply, that you can if you think you can, to keep your apples up, and not to sweat the small stuff.

Your family comes first and your family doesn’t need to share the same blood type.

If she was here she’d want this to be like a massive family reunion in the park around a monster-sized picnic table….

She’d have sunglasses on but they’d be up on her head instead of on her eyes.

We’d be talking about all the good times we had together… of a life well lived and a time to reflect on our own journey’s and way forward.

To stop living like you get a second chance at it.

Momma you’ve no doubt already been nominated the surrogate Mother amongst the Angels.

You taught us all to LOVE DEEPLY… and we will miss you terribly.

I don’t want to say goodbye but I am smart enough to know how lucky I was to have had you in my corner.

I will miss you terribly.

Thank you for being my biggest cheerleader…

Thank you for being an amazing Mom, Momma, Grandma, Grandmama, friend, sister, daughter, niece, aunt, partner to Curt.

Point blank a galactically spectacular woman.

Safe to say that you graduated life with honors.

Enjoy your rest, Momma.

I love you and I will be forever grateful.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. The bad news is that the time will fly by… the good news is that you’ve got the wheel.

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A true life of purpose.

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