One Thing: Day 362: Price Discrimination

Day 362: Price Discrimination

Last week part of what we talked about was becoming a famous business coach…

Speaking of becoming famous…

An actor and a Producer were chatting.

Actor: Where did you get your new car?

Producer: From a raffle.

Actor: You won first prize?

Producer:  No, I organized the raffle

In other news…

The idea is to die young, as late as possible.



‘Price Discrimination’

Let’s start with ‘the average.’

If you gathered up all the readers and rock and roll fans you’d find the stats look something like this:

– The average adult reads two books per year.

– The average music fan owns .012 Taylor Swift albums

– The average rock and roll fan owns .015 U2 albums.

These ‘averages’ mean nothing.

No one owns .015 of a U2 album and most Taylor Swift fans aren’t old enough to see a mature movie.

There are millions of music fans that never bought a single album… many have bought 5 to 10 and groupies have bought every album their favorite band ever sold.

Same deal with the books people read.

An insanely small number of people read precisely 2 books per year.

Reality is most read zero books per year… and a select few read 50 to 300.

The average coach makes $32,000 per year and I made over $300,000 in 2005.

Therefore the “average” is a pretty useless stat because the “average” book reader, coach, or rock and roll fan does not exist.

Why am I bothering you with these silly stats?

As a business coach that wants to be insanely profitable and wants their clients to be profitable… you want to understand the economic term ‘Price Discrimination.’

An example would be:

Hardcovers VS paperbacks.

The hardcovers do not cost much more to produce than the exact same book in paperback… but retails for much more.

By putting out the hardcover version before the paperback is available, the publisher can sell the book to the manic fans, the ones that buy 300 per year, first, in the more expensive/profitable format.

Once they’ve bought… the paperback hits the shelves for those not quite as manic.

If the author had only printed paperback they’d have sold the same amount of books…

But made significantly less PROFIT.

Harley Davidson, Porsche, Lamborghini, Louis Vuitton all do a version of this because they understand:

Price Discrimination and the massive financial benefits.

The high-end speakers that work with us present their new program live and promote the heck out of it for “thousands of dollars”…

Then afterwards the same seminar is available in audio/video format for ‘hundreds of dollars.’

Same with the local business owners you’re trying to sell coaching.

Do you have the equivalent of a paperback version of your coaching program?

Recently on my podcast, the number one podcast for business coaches, I opened up the line of a coaching client that bought a $100,000 program from me a decade and a half ago.

My dog died while I was doing some live coaching with her and she was a veterinarian!

It was wild and I was so grateful she was there.

She’s still a client today!

It’s episode 90 if you’re interested.

I have created and sold $500,000 coaching programs.

Russell Brunson has a 1 million dollar coaching program.

Tony Robbins charges 1 million per year plus upside and has a 5-year waiting list.

Bottom line and indisputable fact…

Some people want to spend more, including the local business owner who says he/she has no money…

There was a point in my life when I got SICK OF BEING AVERAGE!

How about you?

Ready to come with me?

Sick of an average income?

Sick of selling an average coaching program?

Sick of average results with your clients?

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A true life of purpose.

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