ONE THING: DAY 4: MATH and Ideal Coaching Prospects

Day 4: MATH and Ideal Coaching Prospects

Yesterday I gave you my most successful internet marketing campaign, for coaches, that I’ve ever done. And I also have positive news to report on Steve, my buddy diagnosed with brain cancer, who had brain surgery.

He’s doing good under the circumstances and thank you for the prayers and well wishes!!

Back to scheduled programming.

I’ve had some 7-figure beauties (some impressive misses I’ll conveniently ignore) and there was a lot to be learned from my example(s).

Successful business is successful MATH.

When I did my successful 7-figure internet marketing campaigns for coaches, I had MATH working in my favor and the MATH worked out before I started.

I’d say 90% of the coaching promotions I’ve seen online (I dissect them all) are destined for failure cause the math was never going to work.

Worth noting, junior high MATH confuses the heck out of me… so I’m talking about some pretty basic addition, subtraction and when I get super outrageous, I’ll use multiplication.

With a calculator.

Today your ONE THING is that a ‘high unit of sale’ will dramatically increase your probability for success.

I could use a hundred examples here but I think this will be the easiest and most relevant for you.

If I was a business coach and charging $2,000 per month (insert $1000 or $5000, it doesn’t matter)…. And I take on a massage therapist as a client.

The massage therapist is charging roughly $100 for a massage. The client (masseuse) therefore must do 20 massages to break even on my fees EVERY MONTH.

And the coach gets confused when they want to cancel after 90 days saying they’re overwhelmed.

BTW when I ask my wife if she wants a massage she answers with ‘I don’t really feel like sex right now, baby.’ LOL

Too much information??

If I take on a roofer as my coaching client that sells a $20,000 roof and let’s assume profit of $8,000…

I need to help my client get 3 roof deals done PER YEAR ($24,000 profit) to break even on my fees and 6 deals per year doubles the investment on your coaching fees.

Which client has better MATH?

Coaches target ‘alternative health practitioners’ and wonder why it’s not working.

Ummmm… the MATH sucks.

You can take on the alternative health practitioner as a coaching client but you better help them build (and sell) a $5,000 unit of sale (and above) or they’re waving bye bye.

BTW I have created, sold and delivered multiple $500,000 coaching programs. I know that blows the mind of many coaches…. But forget that for a minute and consider the MATH.

If you sold just one… you’d be doing OK.

This is why we help coaches like you create “contingency agreements” etc… If just one client knocks it out of the park. The math can set you up for the year.

This is only my 3rd day of the 30-day ONE THING series I created for myself…. and it’s late.

Plenty of time to sleep when I’m dead I suppose.

I plan to live to 120 so I’m going to be bloody tired when I get there!

I’m going to go wake my wife up and see if she wants a massage. I don’t like my chances at 12.30am but stranger things have happened.

Wish me luck.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,
King Karl

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You don’t have a client problem.

You don’t have a money problem.

You have a refusal to help people before they pay you problem.

That’s the problem.

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