One Thing: Day 50: My $100k Coaching Program

Day 50: My $100k Coaching Program  

Yesterday I was talking about the two key traits I look for in an ideal high-end coaching client.

Find these traits in a small business owner and you’ll have a high-end coaching client for a long time.

It’s been an insane few days and I should probably be sleeping right now.

Like normal people do.

Figured I’ve gotten this far why stop the run of daily emails and posts now.

Our Business Coaching Mastery 5 (BCM5) event has been incredible!

All our speakers are clients and the level of step by step presentations, resources, giveaways, handouts, etc… would blow your mind!

Mr. X delivered as advertised.

He’s $750,000 short of a billion sold… but as I told him, $250 million in online sales is nothing to sneeze at.

Our coaches all agreed and it was darn impressive.  

Small business lead generation on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram have all, well and truly, been covered.

If you want to build a multiple 6 figure ‘business coaching company’…  this room, and the handouts, would be your dream come true.

Today the former captain of the Harlem Globetrotters will be on stage and I can’t wait.

It starts with his TV commercial with Michael Jordan and will go up from there.

And then the 2.0 version of my software will finally be released and LIVE demo’ed on stage.

The business coach doing the demo will never have used the software… to prove how dummy-proof we managed to make it.

Cross your fingers that it works!!

When we mentioned how we’d do the Live Demo of the software and automatically create a roadmap to coach the client and find our coaching fees (imagine never having a client say “I’d love to but I just can’t afford it right now, ever again)…

…  a loud “GASP” came across the room.

I’m sure you agree there’s enough above for something to easily qualify as my “highlight”…

Then this happened.

I was at the bar having a Mexican beer after a long day on stage with my good buddy and rock star coach Sharon…

She introduced me to her friend… they’d had a couple of drinks and loosened up…

…  not surprisingly my belly button (lack thereof) comes up.

Hey, I’d ask too.

Kinda like a car accident.

You don’t want to look but you end up slowing right down. 

People don’t want to ask but it ends up being the center of the entire conversation.

Her friend says to me “you know, a Victoria Secret supermodel has no belly button.  

They photoshop it in…”

I’m like “Get out, are you serious” and she’s like “Yes, go check it out.”

We were like two valley girls having an exciting conversation. 

Sure enough, I checked it out and Kaboom. 

Her name’s Karolina.

(Austin Powers voice and pinky up to the corner of my mouth) And I’m going to call her… “King Karolina.”

I’m sure she’ll be incredibly pleased.

And as far as my topless modeling career goes… GAME, BACK ON!


One of the coaches that works with us is reasonably famous and a big deal in another world outside coaching.

She’s also a business coach and a damn good one.

She’s good budd’s with Frank Kern (super heavyweight internet marketer in case you don’t know).

I love her to death and she’s insanely interesting/crazy/fun/hilarious.

She stood up yesterday and told a story from 12 years ago when she bought a coaching program from me for $100,000.

Then took my Lotus for a wild ride in the mountains.

And that’s not made up, exaggerated, kinda sorta, insert story of why the entire transaction didn’t happen, $100,000.

She spent $100k with me 12 years ago in one transaction.

I answered about 200 questions afterward:

“What in the world do you put in a $100k coaching program where you get paid in one shot”

This wasn’t a show up every week and do coaching for 12 months.

It was short and intense.

My model today, 12 years later, is VERY different. I literally lose money to get people trained and profitably working as a business coach. 

Today’s ONE THING is that if you ask a 4 dollar question you get a 4 dollar answer.

No longer drinking Starbucks is not your answer.

Or anyone else’s.

Ask a $100,000 question and get a $100,000 answer.

And then drink all the damn Starbucks coffee you want.

You’d be smarter to drink a 4 dollar green smoothie… but let’s not go down that rabbit hole.

You heard it here first.

Speak to you tomorrow and I’ll let you know how the LIVE demo goes.

It’s a BIG DAY for us and I hope the internet connection holds up!! 

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS The 2.0 version of my software is 9 months late.

Been a nightmare.

Paid and had another version built but I’m smart enough to know a future nightmare when I see one.

Started again with someone one I could trust.

You get in life what you REFUSE to give up on.

Going to be a big day.


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