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One Thing: Day 895: Profit. First. Margin.

Day 895: Profit. First. Margin.

Last week we covered a lot of ground including how dumb these sayings usually are, ‘if you’re not growing, you’re dying’ and ‘the higher the risk, the higher the reward’, as well as how Dangerous Dave’s stepbrother got his name.

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In other news…

Nobody quits a company, they quit a boss.



‘Profit First’

Great book… here’s one of the notes I took (boring but IMPORTANT):

You need to do your P&L budget from your gross profit and not from your revenue.

Therefore, your expenses should be expressed as a percentage of your GROSS PROFIT… not of your revenue.

Read that sentence again please.

Let me give you an easy-to-follow example:

Your coaching client sells widgets and their financials look like this:

Revenue: $100,000

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS): $40,000

Gross Profit: $60,000

You need to help your client base their budget on gross profit, not their total revenue.

So, assume you allocate gross profit as follows:

Operating Expenses: 30% of Gross Profit

Owner’s Pay: 50% of Gross Profit

Taxes: 15% of Gross Profit

Profit: 5% of Gross Profit

Here’s how you’d calculate and allocate your clients expenses using this method:

Operating Expenses = 30% of Gross Profit = 0.30 * $60,000 = $18,000

Owner’s Pay = 50% of Gross Profit = 0.50 * $60,000 = $30,000

Taxes = 15% of Gross Profit = 0.15 * $60,000 = $9,000

Profit = 5% of Gross Profit = 0.05 * $60,000 = $3,000

Now, your client has a clear budget for each category based on their gross profit:

Operating Expenses: $18,000

Owner’s Pay: $30,000

Taxes: $9,000

Profit: $3,000

This approach prioritizes setting aside money for PROFIT (and taxes) from the beginning.

Profit is an expense in the Profit First methodology.

This also manages their operating expenses within the constraint of their gross profit, which will help control costs and improve their bottom line.

So you can keep getting paid and accept their referral.

You heard it here first.

Now, pick up the phone and go help someone.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan



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A true life of purpose.

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