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One Thing: Day 904: Stuff. Christmas. Apple Stock.

Day 904: Stuff. Christmas. Apple Stock.

Yesterday, I gave you the framework for getting TRAINED versus getting introduced to education, as well as how some people exercise for breakfast while my Drunk Aunt watches a show she doesn’t like cause the remote fell on the floor.

Speaking of elite level conversations…

My Drunk Aunt and Dangerous Dave were talking and here’s how it went:

Dangerous Dave: Isn’t it weird how we pay money to see other people?

My Drunk Aunt:  You mean prostitution, sports, concerts or the movies?

Dangerous Dave: Glasses.

In other news…

A business that is not slightly understaffed is mismanaged.




If you buy stuff, you end up with stuff.

If you want to retire wealthy, commit this to memory as unsteady financial times approach:

‘The Financial World Is A 10 Year Ferris Wheel’

It takes approx. 8.5 years for the Ferris Wheel to go up and then 1.5 years to go hurling down.

Translation: For 8.5 years The Jones’ build up some money… and then GIVE IT ALL BACK to better players over the next 1.5 years.

Feel free to test my theory over the past 100 years to see if I’m right.

Here’s one solution as Christmas rapidly approaches.

‘Become an Investor Rather Than a Consumer.’

Buy (your kids) Apple stock rather than ANOTHER new iPhone.

Buy Louis Vuitton stock rather than ANOTHER overpriced handbag.

Buy Nike stock rather than ANOTHER pair of shoes.

Buy Amazon stock rather than getting ANOTHER amazon delivery.

What a gift it would be to teach your kids to invest.

You heard it here first.

Now, pick up the phone and go help someone.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan



PS. Often the greatest business breakthrough will come from changing your physique.

PPS. If this helps and you want it to really sink in… GO TEACH IT to someone cause that’s the best way for you to learn it. A friend, your spouse, a prospect, a client etc…

*Don’t plagiarize my work like a lame arse.

PPPS. Marriages break up from lack of money… over lack of love X 100. Business failures lead to destruction, addiction, depression, anxiety, suicides, and unfortunately, far more.

As good business coaches, we save marriages, save families, save kids from self-destruction… we save lives!

A true life of purpose.

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