Tiger Woods won his 5th green jacket on Sunday with one stroke, come from behind, victory over the best golfers in the world.   Everyone thought Tiger was done. Except for Tiger. The scene of him and his son embracing afterward put a tear in my eye. So coach, what separates Tiger from the pack? With all that he’s been through…. The injuries, the limp, the surgeries, the divorce (he made some ghastly mistakes and apparently really, really likes strippers), the let downs, the naysayers, the very public fall from grace… Safe to say he’s been to hell and back. There are countless stories of him practicing 14 hours a day, putting on the green for hours with bleeding hands, changing his swing, hiring multiple coaches looking for the smallest of insights.     All this is while he was number one in the world making 50 million per year. Why? Because that way he knew he’d never go into the final round of a Championship and have to question whether the other guy had outworked him. Ever.   Please think about that the next time your snowflake coaching client says they’re too tired to go for a jog, hit the gym, make the call or to continue to invest in your coaching. But hey, they manage to carve out two hours to watch Game of Thrones?!? Lordy…. Think about it Jeff Bezos goes to the office every day. Bill Belichick studies the game film and stands on the sidelines. Elon Musk is working.   Tony Robbins is on stage. Gary Vaynerchuk is hustling right now with a camera in his face. Grant Cardone is grinding and selling something.   I’ve sold over 10 million dollars of coaching. I have people around me that hear I’m on the phone speaking to business coaches and working twelve hours per day and constantly tell me “You need to hire people to do that” “You shouldn’t be the one doing that kind of work.”    Strange, I’ve never had anyone worth multiple millions say that to me?? But those struggling to make it work spit out this sage advice like clockwork thinking they’re doing me a favor. BTW I’ve got 13 staff members which make their advice even more ridiculous. Business coach So, why does one business coach struggle to get clients and the other one (the inferior one?) make millions and builds a thriving coaching business??  The same thing would be like comparing the weekend golfer that kicks the ball out of the long grass with Tiger Woods. You must immerse yourself in mind, body, and situation of the business owner you’re there to serve.  A purpose far beyond you. Every ounce of Tiger Woods being demands he’s the number one golfer in the world. Even when he’s not. Muhammed Ali was the same in the ring. Especially after he lost. Tom Brady is the same on a football field. Especially after a loss.    If I lose a beer league hockey game I’ll come home and do squats at midnight. Believe me, it’s not ideal to be wired this way… but I wouldn’t change it for anything. My wife might if she could HA HA  What about you? How badly do you want it? How badly do you want to impact your local business owners? Does your career as a business coach matter? Let me rephrase that... does it matter to you that it matters to them?  Marriages break up from lack of money 100-fold over ‘lack of love.’ Sorry kids. Do you give a crap that business owners kill themselves after they neglect their accounts receivables but spend their last ten grand on lame advertising and marketing that was never going to work in the first place? Bought from a sales guy with no clue but a silver tongue. No compelling offer. No headline. No call to action. No scarcity. But a picture of a dog cause apparently people like dogs.  Huh?! The local business coach telling everyone how passionate they are but didn’t want to make a cold call in case they bothered Dad. Or at least send him a friendly message, as a community service, to tell him his marketing is basically a blown-up business card that isn’t going to work. But now he’s dead. Sorry kids. Or, are you on a mission like Tiger? If not, why not?  Or is it time to listen to your spouse and go get a real job? or are you finally going to get pissed off and say something to these business owners wasting hard earned money on marketing that will never work?  You might just get a thank you and heaven forbid some high-end coaching clients... that refer you like crazy for having some balls. And when your spouse tells you to go get a job.... your new response will ensure They never say that to you again. Period. I got inspired by Tiger Wood’s dedication to his craft on Sunday… I hope you did too. He’s a legend. And he likes strippers. What, say you?? Obsessed with your coaching success, Karl  PS. If you want my video that you can use for the above example getting high-end clients with an approach of “there’s a mistake in your marketing… call me” Then leave me a comment for info on how to get it. Basically, a biz owner has a lame piece of marketing…. You will send them to a video that explains how it should be done and why it’ll never work as is…. they’ll say Yes Please to you… and poof you’ll have another high-end coaching client.  Got a question…? Curious about something? Something you want me to write about? Just wanna tell me how cool Tiger is? Or how cool I am? What an idiot I am??? How you feel for my poor wife lol?? Leave me a comment…I spend a ton of time on these posts and write every word myself… I love hearing back from you and any feedback is appreciated. PPS. Go Leafs!!!!! To my non-hockey peeps.. that’ll make no sense.