One Thing: Day 212: List of Bankruptcies

Day 212: List of Bankruptcies

Yesterday I was talking about deterrence strategies and how Michael Jordan ate Clyde Drexler alive in the NBA finals.

Jordan was the best basketball player to ever dribble a ball but truth is…

He was a savage!

Speaking of savages… I had a friend die a few days ago from the wonderful virus.

Bernie Dohrman, you may know him. 

I’d be lying if I didn’t say it scared me a little.

Rather than fear the Boogeyman I decided to do some research to keep my mental game strong.

If you’re 85 or younger, and you get it, your chances of dying are about 1 in 900.

If you’re under 50 your chances of dying are much better at 1 in 1900.

If you’re under 30 your chances of dying are almost zero.

Even if you’re over age 90, and in good health, your chances of surviving are 87.9%.

On behalf of my late great, gone too soon, brother Rick…

Your Mental Health Matters.

So does mine.

Be intelligent, be respectful… keep your distance, don’t touch your face, bum, or eyes and wash your hands…

But please don’t live in fear.

And stop listening to the lying, cheating, stealing media.



‘Withdrawing When Necessary’

Just like a football game, a tennis match, MMA fight, or any competitive landscape there are things in business that are totally unpredictable.

The difference between what you think will happen and what will actually happen… are referred to as friction.

2020 has created a lot of friction.

Retreating is not a sign of weakness… it’s a strategy of using your available resources and data in the right and proper way.

Many businesses go sideways because they dig in and refuse to ‘withdraw’… thinking it’s a sign of defeat.

Facebook has launched and withdrew on a number of products they’d spent a fortune on.

Amazon has done the same… the biggest swing and miss being the ‘Fire’ phone.

Withdrawing will allow you and your high-end coaching clients to reassess the situation and decide on the future direction/strategy to deploy.

Don’t be scared to assess a product/service/campaign and bail out when it’s clearly not going in the right direction.

What you and they have learned will be invaluable for your future undertakings.

Keep moving and don’t be scared of failure.

Just be smart enough to recognize it and learn from it.

Starbucks closed 400 stores.

My beloved Rolex halted production.

Zara closed 1200 stores.

Warren Buffett lost about 30 Billion in the last 2 months.

Emirates laid off 30% of its staff.

Victoria’s Secret declared bankruptcy.

Gold Gym filed for bankruptcy.

Hertz (They own Thrifty and Dollar) filed for bankruptcy.

Macy’s, Nordstrom, Papyrus, Chicos, J Crew, Gap, Bath & Body Works, Models, A.C. Moore, Forever 21, Sears, Walgreens, GameStop, Pier 1 Imports, Bose, Olympia Sports and MANY more are all in trouble.

Unemployment at an all-time high.

You might read this and say ‘Wow this is a disaster.’

I read it and say WOW there are a LOT of new small businesses about to start up.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. Ever noticed that you’ve never seen people fleeing capitalism for socialism?

Never. Not once. Think about that… take all the time that you need.

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