One Thing: Day 261: My 7 Steps

Day 261: My 7 Steps

Last week, I was explaining the importance of documentation and 5 steps of throughput… how each step should be analyzed and improved.

There has been a lot of bad news lately.

But on a positive note… no one has died of old age in over 6 months.



‘Improving Throughput’

Before I get into this I want to remind you of a past message where I wrote about Jack Welch, his performance (results are not nearly as impressive as most think), and the importance of DATA.

GUT stands for Gave Up Thinking and when improving throughput…

Use numbers and DATA.

Not your gut.

The function of the successful leader of a growing company is to improve the 5 key processes from yesterday, consistently.

Status quo is never good enough for a growing company.

I got a number of people asking last week, so how do you improve throughput?

Let Me Try And Explain In A Series Of Steps:

  1. Pick ONE of the 5 areas, from Wednesday last week (Bottleneck), to improve and dial in. Huge mistake is trying to improve multiple areas at the same time and therefore producing skewed and unreliable DATA.
  2. Create a baseline for how well that specific area is performing.
  3. Take the specific section as a stand alone and break it down into its mechanical parts. 
  4. Document these mechanical parts record current baseline performance.
  5. List ideas on how and where you can improve the current process/baseline performance.
  6. Implement the improvements and track against baseline performance.
  7. Update the operations manuals and notify all department and staff.

Here’s a simple example of how it could look for your new high-end coaching client.

  1. Lead Generation
  2. FB ads, $1.25 per click, 17 leads per day, 85 leads per week 4.25 sales per week and 5% conversion.
  3. Audience, Advertisement, Headline, Ad copy, Offer, # of appts, and Conversion.
  4. Targeted audience, Accountants… FB ad, How I Built a 7 Figure Accounting Firm, Complimentary Webinar, 25 appts, 2 sales per week.
  5. Target accounting firms with more than 5 staff and slightly adjust headline to “How To Build a 7 Figure Accounting Firm.” (change to ‘How to’ from ‘How I’ in previous ad)
  6. Record and compare results / create DATA
  7. If the ad is more successful then adjust manuals. If not more successful… further adjust and record DATA.

Hint: don’t make “fixes” as they come to mind and don’t jump to conclusions…. Follow the process and always keep good DATA.

With 95% certainty… your high-end coaching clients are not following a formal process anything like this.

If they don’t know where they’re going… any road will get them there.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. Focus your energy on building the new not fighting the old.

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