One Thing: Day 290: Kaepernick, Branson, Swift, and Madonna

Day 290: Kaepernick, Branson, Swift, and Madonna

Motivational speakers be like:

“Aim for the stars and if you fall short, you’ll at least hit the moon.”

NASA be like:

“That’s not how this works.

That’s not how ANY of this works!”

In other news…

Everyone will appreciate your honesty.

Until you’re honest with them.

Then you’re a prick.



‘Eyeballs and Being Memorable’

When you see someone showing off or being intentionally controversial for the camera and it annoys you… then you don’t understand what marketing is all about.

EYEBALLS and Being Memorable.

Richard Branson fly’s a hot air balloon around the world…. Gets tens of millions of dollars of free publicity and I bet you remember it from MANY years ago.

He launched his Virgin retail store wearing a wedding dress… bet you remember that one too.

Ever notice Taylor Swift doesn’t get into rifts with non-famous people?  *I think she’s totally AWESOME fyi*

Nike created a commemorative shoe for Kapernick and poo poo hits the fan… tens of millions of dollars in free publicity.

The Beatles manager STAGED AN EVENT with actors dressed as police officers and ambulance drivers with beautiful young women screaming and pretending to pass out.

Worked out OK for them.

I bet you never noticed when a famous singer goes to “a high school prom with a lucky fan” that it magically coincides with an album release (or actors with a movie)?

Madonna’s breakout song was Like A Virgin where she dressed in a wedding dress.

That was targeted at the boys.

Her follow up was Material Girl. That was targeted at the girls.

Kim Kardashian “leaked” sex tape started the Billion-dollar enterprise that you now know.

Lady Gaga wore a ‘meat dress’ and the cameras couldn’t look away.

Tai Lopez shows off rented Lamborghinis, jets, and multiple beautiful women on his arm at one time.

Frank Kern shows you his car (impress the guys) and his wife’s shoe collection (impress the gals).

I’ve been known to show off a couple of my houses (see pics below) with water views and my two-level garage.

Houses impress my ‘ideal audience’ far more than my watches or exotic cars.

One Thing: Day 290: Kaepernick, Branson, Swift, and Madonna

Marketing is about eyeballs and being memorable.


Over to you.

What are you doing to get EYEBALLS, free publicity, and to be memorable to your ideal clients?

Let me give you some ideas.

I’ll assume you agree with me that business failure results in depression, anxiety issues, suicide, separation, and divorce.

If you don’t agree, just check the stats.

Go to the local networking function or do your next talk dressed in a Halloween zombie outfit.

As part of your elevator pitch talk about how business owners kill themselves EVERYDAY and you are sick of it and going to be the local SOLUTION.


Wear a wedding dress (more impactful if you’re a man) and say marriages break up from lack of money over lack of love X 100… you’re sick of it and going to be the local SOLUTION.

Good looking people have proven to change the dynamic of a room.

Hire/attract beautiful model types, men and women, to attend your events.

*In my early 30’s I may or may not have done this successfully to get EYEBALLS AND TO BECOME MEMORABLE when growing my business coaching company… cough, cough*

Wear an Uncle Sam outfit and protest the lockdowns or the unnecessary regulations, new taxes etc… forced on small business folks.

Call the local media and let them know what is going on (wedding dress/zombie / Uncle Sam etc…) and get them to cover it.

Think you might get a few more people to your event and be more memorable in your Zombie Apocalypse outfit?

Tons more you can do… have some fun with it.


I bet you won’t.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS.  Use confidence as your currency.

PPS. Marriages break up from lack of money… over lack of love X 100.

Business failures lead to destruction, addiction, depression, anxiety, suicides, and unfortunately, far more.

As good business coaches we save marriages, save families, save kids from self-destruction… we save lives!

A true life of purpose.

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