One Thing: Day 507: My Bum

Day 506: My Bum


Yesterday I told you to throw your phone in the lake, why I don’t have anything to sell you… chili’s an aphrodisiac and apparently when Sally farts, it means:

‘Wow, nice chili…’

*If you didn’t see yesterday’s message, the feedback says you should read it for a good hard laugh*

In other news…

If you’re not content today… nothing you buy from the influencer on FB will change that.



‘The Next Day…’

What happens when I sit in as a judge for the New Mexican Hot Chili Cookoff…?

Glad you asked.

I’ll start by saying I accidently booked myself solid.

7:59am: My first call is done and it’s time… there’s a concerning noise and movement coming from my bowels.

Kinda like a snake eating a mouse…

… I shotgun a 10oz bottle of liquid grape flavored Imodium like it’s a Coors Light that’d been sitting in the sun for 2 weeks.

The liquid Imodium is supposed to be grape flavored but it’s quite clear whoever led the R&D team needs some coaching… cause they have clearly never actually tasted anything ‘grape flavored’ in their life.

I was already regretting the liquid Imodium decision when I read the fine print… ‘in extreme situations it can accelerate bowel movements’.

Oh dear…

8:06am: I deep throat a ham sandwich like I’ve been saving for the apocalypse because let’s face it…that time is here for me.

Hold onto that thought.

I’m about to enter a very dark period in my life.

8:37am: The pressure is growing and the unwelcome noises are getting louder. I already have 5 pounds of chili in my colon from yesterday and I think I just drank the “safe for humans” version of Extra Strength Drano.

I feel a very non solid poop coming on. I think it’s time…

… I was wrong.

Just a wet fart and I’ve got other underwear I can change into.

No biggie.

12:57 pm: The little “safe for humans” science experiment I accidentally participated in is about to reach boiling point.

My stomach is angry.

I had exactly .3 seconds to make it to the nearest toilet but I couldn’t run… my instincts and, more to the point, the elasticity of my butthole told me:


Almost there.


12:58 pm: Sweet Mary, Mother of God…is this real life and actually happening?

My confusion reminded me of the first time I tried mary jane in high school.

My cheeks barely hit the seat when the lava like mixture sprayed the back of the toilet bowl at a 45 degree angle deflecting in every direction.

Except down.

… Is that blood?

*False alarm*

Just remnants of Thanksgiving cherry pie I ate… when I was 5.

The smell was horrid and the sound of liquid exiting my body made my dog whimper…

I tried to clench what’s left of my bum but it wasn’t gonna work.

1:06 pm- 8:30 pm: Everything’s a blur.

At this point I had sh*t out everything I’d ever eaten since the day I was born.

Including everything my ancestors had eaten since the early 1800’s.

My bum feels like a flaming hot Cheeto with Jalapeno chili seeds stuck in it from

Bubba’s hot chili entry.

I was now curled up in the bathtub, ugly crying, because I had to remain within arm’s reach of the toilet at all times and need a snow cone to wipe.

I have the poop sweats.

Maybe the chili somehow triggered me into menopause@#$%^&*!

Is that a thing..?

I might text Sally.

8:37pm: I know my family will try but never be able to unsee the things they’ve seen in the last 8 hours. No amount of counselling is going to help them.

But here’s what I tell myself.

“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.” ~ Stuart

Smalley SNL

You heard it here first.

Put your wallet away and love on your friends and family.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

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A true life of purpose.

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